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In the previous texts you have studied the constructs of buying happiness and owning for contentment as well as philosophical arguments regarding both the nature of happiness in addition to how it is best achieved. As the desire to feel pleasure is a fundamental human drive it comes as no surprise that the appeal to happiness is one of the most basic found in advertising. For this third paper you will explore this by doing the following:

First, choose a specific defined service or product which appeals to consumers by relating that their lives would be improved, happier, more exciting, etc. if they purchased that particular good or service;

Secondly, consider what kind of happiness, joy, or excitement that product proposes to offer, how it makes its appeal to consumers, and what can be gleaned from that;

Next, reflect on the validity of that promise, and whether or not its reasonable or simply an appeal to fantasy, narcissism, a new beginning, etc. and what can be learned from that;

Then present a well-reasoned argument supported by scholarly sources in addition to concrete real world examples which illustrate and comment upon the nature of the products message, its value, and its social impact.


Dove Beautys advertisements for its body care products such as its line of lotions and soaps purport to be for women of all shapes and sizes as there is no standard for what Dove terms real beauty. The danger in this is that female value, as defined by this product line, is still tied to a womans beauty rather than her intelligence, capability, or accomplishments.

Paper 3 must be at least three full pages in length, written in standard MLA format, and contain at least three sources cited both in-text, and on a Work Cited page (which doesnt count toward your minimum page length).


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