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Alternative Assignment #1
Health is a social justice issue for Americans and beyond.  It is the only topic on our minds as a result of the current virus outbreak (COVID-19).  It is very timely that you were expected to read Social Work in Health Care and Social Work with Older Adults in the Suppes book for this class.
Your alternative assignment is to write an advocacy letter to all officials involved to request that a specific action be taken on behalf of you as a service provider and your clients at the local nursing and rehabilitation facility in your town.  You want an action to be taken on behalf of you as a service provider and the clients/patients you serve (older adults) as a result of the policies, procedures and guidelines in place around COVID-19 at this time. 
Please include the following:
(1)    Identify yourself as a social work student/social work intern
(2)    State and report your position
(3)    Be polite and avoid ultimatums
(4)    Praise actions taken by officials, local community groups, etc. on the issue
(5)    Request a specific action or outcome
(6)    Identify all stake holders and consider all stakeholders that are effected by the issue and all current and future actions that are taken on the issue (ethical dilemmas)
(7)    Include social works role in this crisis situation (Code of Ethics, Core Values and Competencies)
Format criteria:
(1)    Business style
(2)    Letter length no more than 2 pages


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