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Optional assignment guidelines

Please complete an essay-type assignment (max. 1,000 words of text) in response to ONE of the two questions listed below:

Reflect on what Canadian urban planning means for you and/or your city.


If you were an urban planner, and could travel back in time to 1940-1950s, what advice based on what you learned in this course – would you give to the planners of that time, so as to avoid the mistakes of the past and/or plan and build, better and more sustainable cities?

Please identify at the top of the first page (e.g. instead of a title) what question the paper is answering to. No need for a cover page, but please make sure to include your name, student number and course code/title at the top of the first page.

There is no need to use bibliographic sources and references, but free to use if you want (in that case, use references properly see the corresponding section and advice in Assignment 2 handout). The paper should demonstrate good engagement with the course material and the ability to apply course concepts and knowledge to the chosen topic.


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