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In Microsoft document  that i uploaded .All of the thirteen questions needs to be answered.

This is the  essay question i have been given

Given todays pandemic situation, select an individual and write a short essay describing how they are using coaching principles to influence positive change. Some areas you might want to investigate in your essay:

This is how long my essay needs to be  length: 1000-1500-word . Double space.Font 12

This is what i am being marked on

Grading Rubrics

1.    Student has selected an appropriate example of an individual utilizing coaching principles.

2.    Student has illustrated a minimum of 3 coaching principles.

3.    Student makes a compelling case for the individual.

4.    Student highlights area(s) of improvement.

5.    Student has approached the assignment with creativity.

6.    Student has incorporated coaching towards a real-world scenario.


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