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Dear writer, I will attach article with title : ( RUSSIAS RELATIONS WITH GULF STATES AND THEIR EFFECT ON REGIONAL BALANCE IN THE MIDDLE EAST*) and I want you to do CRITICAL REVIEW for an article first, you need to do:
1-    ( Summary ) Title, Source, Purpose, thesis, main points, evidence and argument(do argument very well)
2-    (Analysis) Evaluate the article: Was it convincing? Why? Why not? Which part is strong/clear/weak/? Which appeals to you? Which points are useful or relevant? This is the most important section.
3-    (Verdict )Should others read it? Why/Why not? Who should read it?  Why?
I will attach also the rubric for grading and example of previous research so you can know the ways for writing. Kindly follow the rubric and please for each section put a title 


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