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Apply Obligations, Ideals, and Consequences

1. “Considering Obligations” Chapter Inquiry Assignment:

SELECT ONE of the following inquiries: #20 (Sally) or #22 (Portia).

In your written response… consider the 12 specific obligation types given in this unit.

a. Identify which of the 12 obligations apply to the case. (Several will apply). Explain how EACH relevant obligation applies to the case in a separate sentence.
b. Next, identify which obligation should take the highest priority. (This is not necessarily the one that was followed by the person in the inquiry.)
c. Justify your choice of top obligation. Why does it “trump” the other obligations?

2. “Considering Ideals” Chapter Inquiry Assignment:
SELECT  ONE of the following inquiries: #17 (Arthur), #18 (social worker), or #24 (Tina/Frank)..

In your written response… us the 12 obligations AND the list of 20+ Ideals previously given to you.
a. Identify which one obligation SHOULD take top priority and why.
b. Using this list of Ideals/Virtues, include ALL ideals that apply to the case, even just a little.  Explain  how each of your chosen ideals applies to the case. Use a separate sentence for each.

c.Third, explain which ideal should take the top priority and why.
CAUTION: Are your top obligation and top ideal compatible, meaning can they be fulfilled at the same time in the same solution?  If they conflict, you will need to rethink your choice of top obligation or top ideal. You want to a choose compatible obligation and ideal that can be fulfilled simultaneously in an ethical solution.

3. “Considering Consequences” VIDEO Dilemma Assignment:
VIEW: 16 minute TED Talk video “Don’t regret, regret.” As you listen, think of something you have regretted.


a. In a brief paragraph, what is the speaker’s main point regarding regret and consequences?

b. In a brief paragraph, describe a choice or action in your life you have regretted. (ie. When I was in high school, there was a student in my class named “Joe” who was often bullied because his family did not have a lot of money. I never once stepped in and stopped the bullying and I regret….)

c.  In a bulleted list, identify several negative consequences that resulted from your choice/action. Then, label what type of consequence each example was. (ie. 1. Joe continued to be bullied – emotional, psychological, immediate, overtime. 2. I felt guilty for not saying something to stop the bullying – immediate, emotional….and so on)

d. In a bulleted list, identify several positive consequences that resulted from your choice/action. Then label what type of consequence it was. (ie.  1. I did not get bullied myself for stepping in – emotional, immediate, intended. 2. ???)

inquiries files attached
Ideals list and obligations file attached
link to “considering consequences” video is in the instructions.
choose either inquiry  #20 or #22 for “considering obligations”
Social worker inquiry for ” considering ideal”.


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