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Art History Research Paper

My assignment to you is to research a specific controversy of artistic patrimony.  My goal is that you will better understand the very relevant and current cultural worth of artworks from bygone eras.

Some suggestions: The Elgin Marbles, Euphonias Vase, Head of Nefertiti, Getty Bronze, Trojan Treasure, ISIS destroys ancient artifacts.
Some key words: stolen artwork returned, seizure, Marion True, Metropolitan Museum, Getty Museum, patrimony, Interpol, ISIS.

1. Choose a specific work of art from within the Cultures and Periods covered in this course (i.e. not 20th century, China or Africa, etc.).

2. Introduction. Articulate why you chose this object. What is its artistic and cultural significance.

3. Formal Analyis. Describe the work fully, including its material, size, artist(s), date, and location of origin.

4. Conduct research online. What have the media had to say on your topic. From when does the controversy date? Use only viable sources such as the New York Times, Newsweek, Museum websites, etc. While you may want to use blogs as a starting point, do NOT rely on them for quotations or information. Be sure to keep track of your sources.

5. Argue in favor of one side or other. Articulate your argument and offer  a viable conclusion.

6. In-text citations should be MLA format. Cite your sources carefully whenever you use information that is not general knowledge.  If you get all your information in one paragraph from a single short page range in a book, you may consolidate your citation at the end of that paragraph.  If two sentences together use the same reference, consolidate the citation to the end of the last sentence that draws upon that page. Otherwise, you will need to cite each statement.

7. You must include a seperate Works Cited Page that cites all your research materials, from web-pages  (including dates accessed) to articles and books that you used to develop your paper.


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