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Art project

Throughout the text the student will describe in as much detail as possible, while using art terms
presented in class, their chosen work of art including the formal elements such as medium/technique,
subject, composition, installation, texture, style, visual elements, principles of design, etc. From your
description, the reader should be able to perfectly visualize the work of art in their head without
actually seeing it. This section should make up the majority of the paper.
After describing the work, the student will include their interpretations of the work based on the
subject and information covered throughout the course. What do you think the content is? Did the

artist include iconography? What does it represent? Why do you think the artist chose to depict the
work of art in the way that they did?
Next, the student should add the reason for choosing this particular work. What was it about this piece
that caught your attention?
Lastly, the conclusion, and only the conclusion, will then describe your experience of virtually
visiting the museum. What did you think about the virtual experience?


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