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Assignment: Yes, Im Serious Campaign

Assignment: Yes, Im Serious Campaign
Aiding important initiatives to gain state and national attention is an important part of professional nursing advocacy. One way to ensure effective advocacy is to contact and enlist the support of those in positions of power. In this Assignment, you will be presented with a typical fill-in-the-blank letter that often comes across the desks of those in the nursing profession. You will use this template to help further the Yes, Im Serious Campaign and practice your skills in advocacy.

To prepare for this Assignment, review the following in this weeks Resources:
The Week 4 Assignment: Yes, Im Serious Campaign Word document
The readings for this week, gleaning facts that would further your cause
To complete the Assignment:
Read through and fill out the designated parts of the “Yes, I’m Serious” Campaign letter.
Include relevant facts and opinions based on the Resources and your professional experiences.
Include at least one scholarly reference within your letter.
Note: The Yes, Im Serious Campaign is fictional, and letters should not be mailed.


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