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What is  S.W.I.F.T?  Hint, it has to do with banking

Define SWIFT in your own words and clearly explain how it works. Illustrate via diagram how it works. Provide sources for all your work related to this question.

What is Ripple? Explain clearly what it is.  Provide a comprehensive diagram of the ripple’s platform.

What technology does Ripple run on? Be Specific and supportt your answer with professional literature.

What is Ripple’s digital asset and how does it work? Provide a diagram (Picture of ripple’s platform.)

What are the likely ramifications of Ripple to SWIFT? Be Specific and provide example

What are the likely ramifications of Ripple on the Global Financial System? Be specific and provide examples

Who are Ripple’s partners?

Who are Ripple’s customers?

What is your opinion of ripple and its implication for global finance?

** minimum of 4 sources


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