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Prepare a written memo and make an oral presentation describing the key audit risks posed by your selected company. 
1.    Begin your report with a historical overview of the company and its industry.
2.    Discuss the potentially problematic non-financial items that you identified for the assigned company such as, a management compensation scheme tied to reported earnings, an upcoming merger, restrictive bond covenants, etc. 
3.    Present the results of analytical procedures you applied to your companys financial data.  Compute common-sized financial statements and key ratios for a 5-year period.  Perform trend and comparative industry analysis. 
4.    Complete your presentation with a summary recommendation regarding whether the given company appears to be an acceptable audit client or alternatively, whether the company would pose an unacceptably high level of audit risk and/or business risk for an audit firm. 

Presentations should be approximately 10 minutes long along with a PowerPoint presentation required addressing points 1-4 above.

*I will add the voice over myself. I only need the power point and memo. I will provide an outline for the memo.


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