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Biblical Leadership theme

The student will submit 5-page reports pertaining to the major leadership themes stemming from the Forrest/Roden textbook reading assignments. paper must contain a title page, 1-page introduction, 3-page summary analyses of major leadership themes, and a 1-page conclusion and bibliography/reference page.  The report must be in the Turabian style.
After reading through the 19 chapters of the O.T. from TEXTBOOK: Forrest, Ben K. & Chet Roden (Eds.). Biblical Leadership. Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel, 2017 provide a concise summary of 3 major themes per testament. 
Summarize each theme but more importantly provide an analysis identifying the reasons why each theme is especially important to you or to our generation in regards to practicing Godly leadership no matter the context of one’s vocation or location.


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