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Book Summary and Critique

TEXTBOOK:  Bush, L. Russ. The Advancement. Nashville: Broadman & Holman Publishing Group, 2003.

5-page (body content) summary and critique of the textbook The Advancement by L. Russ Bush.
The summary must focus on summarizing the main ideas and significant themes in the book as well as giving an account of Bushs overall purpose in writing. The summary section of the paper must be shorter than 2 full pages.
The critique section must contain a well-thought-out critical interaction with Bushs thesis and the main points of argument he presents in the book. The critique must present both strengths and weaknesses of the argument as well as an overall evaluation of the book.

Bushs content is thoroughly analyzed using point comparisons, raising questions, and/or criticizing with supportive evidence. The critique section of the paper must be at least 2 full pages.

Further instructions attached.
Sample of paper attached.


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