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Breach of Contract

Assignment: Write a creative short essay breach of contract to senior management.

Unprofessional code of conduct. Not complying with students lack of transparency making inappropriate jokes under values  diminishes educational institution.Not being able to fulfill the contact time of course . Fixed amount of contact ,teaching delivery, severity unprofessional behaviour. Discussions unrelated to course load with student, eating durring lessons online . Making errands durring class time to attend to his other job durring scheduled class time.

Combine educational quotes in relation to your convincing essay tastefully done must be relatable easy to read showing lack of competence on teachers end and munipilation of teaching skills towards students marking them absent on multiple occations knowingly even when student is late does not reverse attendence according to accomidations does not knowledge . Shrugs,carelessness, petty student involvement lack of transparency at its finest.

(You can add a little what fits best in this essay)

(Quotes of education) : Basic human right
“Education is a human right with emance power to transform.” ” You have to wake up everyday ready to start again”.


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