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Briefing Note + Advocacy Letter on HIV/AIDS

Briefing Note + Advocacy Letter on HIV/AIDS

Assignment: You are a nurse working for the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) in a policy position. You have been asked to prepare a briefing note for the CNA Board of Directors that offers background information, analysis and recommendations on a global health issue such as HIV/AIDS. Your briefing note will be on an issue that is related to your presentation topic (it does not have to be on the entire topic area but on a component related to your presentation on HIV/AIDS). In addition to the briefing note, you are asked to draft a one- page advocacy letter to a relevant decision-maker that is related to the issues in your briefing note.

Briefing Note
Your briefing note should be a maximum of 5 pages (not including title page or references), and should include the following elements:

1.    An introduction and brief summary of the issue/problem that the Canadian Nurses Association needs to address for example:
a.    What is the problem?
b.    Why is it a problem/how & why is it linked to global forces?
c.    What are the health implications of this problem? For example:
i.    How does it affect global health/global health equity/inequity?
ii.    Are problems experienced differently in developed versus developing countries?
d.    How does the problem/issue affect nursing on a global scale?
i.    What are the implications of this?

2.    A discussion of policies/actions to address this global problem.
a.    What solutions/actions/policies will address this global issue? Why? What is the evidence supporting these solutions?
b.    What should national/ provincial/ governments or non-government bodies do to address this problem? Why?

3.    A policy/advocacy plan for CNA to achieve the desired policy solutions.
a.    What specific action/s should CNA advise the Canadian government/ICN/and provincial nursing associations to take? Why?
b.    What actions should CNA take in cooperation with the provincial associations
i.    Include supporting evidence for your recommendations, and the implications of not following the recommendations.

Your one-page advocacy letter from you as a nursing student will be addressed to a policy maker (e.g., PM, Premier, etc.) encouraging/advocating for a specific policy action related to your briefing note. The letter should be properly structured & organized and should clearly articulate the policy action sought, and why it is recommended. The letter should be addressed to the decision maker that is appropriate for the policy sought.

Additional Formatting Requirements for Briefing note:
    Title page with your name, student number, professors name, course, and date of submission
    12-point font
    1 margins
    APA Referencing
    Briefing note not to exceed 5 pages (not including references and title page). Your advocacy letter will be an additional one-page.
    In your briefing note, please integrate your references within your discussion (as you would in an essay) rather than having a string of direct quotes without your analysis.
    Please attach 1. A copy of the Marking Rubric, and 2. A copy of the Assignment Attachment Form to your online submission.

Formatting Requirements for Letter:
    Ensure letter is properly formatted (addressed and organized appropriately)
    Signed by you as a nursing student


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