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BUSI – 3004 Entrepreneurship For Small Business

Application: Euro Disney Case Study

The entrepreneurial process can be very rewarding for entrepreneurs as well as for customers and investors. Entrepreneurs and investors of successful ventures have the possibility of large financial rewards while customers are set to receive the benefits of a new product or service. However, the entrepreneurial process also includes the possibility of failure. The case study that you will complete this week is about an organization that practiced corporate entrepreneurship and failed with a new venture.

To complete the Application:

  • Read the case study, “Euro Disney: Bungling a Successful Format”.
  • Answer the following question: “What was Disney’s fundamental flaw in its Euro Disney development process?”
  • In answering the question, please focus on the root causes and avoid analyzing the end results of the venture.
  • Use APA style to complete the Application and when citing sources.


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