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You need to submit your Mid-Module Assignment before the end of Unit 4.

Assignment question

Read the case about Ryanair (pp. 622 – 632 in the core text) and then answer the following four questions, which carry equal weightings:

Q1. Based on the information provided in the case and from wider reading, conduct a formal Strategic Capabilities analysis of Ryanair using the framework shown in Table 4.1 on p98 of the core text. Put the raw analysis in an appendix and, based on the output of this, explain the resources and capabilities that Ryanair possesses that are distinctive as opposed to threshold.

Using Table 4.2 on p108 of the core text as a framework, conduct a VRIO analysis of the distinctive resources and capabilities that you have identified above to establish which of these provide Ryanair with competitive advantage. Put your raw analysis in an appendix and, based on this, answer the following two questions:

Q2. What resources and capabilities have provided Ryanair with competitive advantage?

Q3. Explain the extent to which Ryanairs resources and capabilities can be imitated

Q4. How can Ryanair manage its resources and capabilities using the ideas of sustainable competitive advantage and dynamic capabilities?

You may find the papers by Barney and Teece et al in the reading list for Unit 3 helpful.

Your response should be in the form of a written report of between 1,500 and 2,000 words.

Assignment Guidance

Use a report format with headings to show which part of the question you are addressing
Each part of the question carries equal marks – i.e. 25% each
You should conduct wider reading as the case contains only limited information about Ryanair
If you do not conduct formal analysis using the appropriate strategy tools you will struggle to gain a good grade because you will not be able to demonstrate your understanding of how the tools can be used to objectively assess a firms current situation or how it might determine what direction it needs to take in the future
The learning outcomes for this assignment are:

Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the nature of strategy and its importance in an organisational context.
Express a holistic comprehension of the core principles of strategic management.
Display critical analytical and problem-solving techniques in appropriate business contexts, with the capacity to present conclusions professionally.
Display firm understanding of the importance of the strategic intent, purpose and culture in determining organisational effectiveness.


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