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Call-To-Action Speeches about how not to bully people

For this assignment you will give a five to seven minute Persuasive Speech either related to your previous speech, or with the objective of selling the audience a new product or service. Remember that the goal of this speech is to convince us to accept an attitude or to actuate a behavior. You should make a sound argument to support your position. Be sure to think about what kind of argument youre making and what kinds of evidence are needed to support that argument. Also be sure to avoid logical fallacies. You must cite at least three sources. Although these sources can include sources you have cited in your previous speeches, you may need to do some original research to find sufficient support for your argument. You need to cite sources to support any information that is not common knowledge, so you may very well end up needing to cite more than three sources in order to get an A on this speech. Remember from our discussion in class that you need to cite all sources three different ways: (1) verbally during the speech, (2) parenthetically in your formal outline, and (3) in APA or MLA style in your bibliography.
    As with all speeches in this class, you will be graded on content, organization, and delivery. The content of your speech will be graded on how well you support your argument and avoid logical fallacies. The speechs organization should be consistent with all of the principles of organization we have discussed in class, including the four Ss strategy, the five parts of the introduction, and the three parts of the conclusion. Also, the body of your speech should contain two to five key ideas arranged in a logical and consistent organizational pattern that is appropriate for a persuasive speech. Finally, practice your delivery to ensure that you are attempting to follow all of the guidelines in Chapter 14 of your textbook.
    Also, this speech has an additional requirement: You must use at least three presentational aids! You are allowed to use any of the presentational aids we have talked about in class or any that are mentioned in the chapter on presentational aids in your textbook. You will be graded on how well the presentational aid(s) support the content of the speech and how well you follow the principles for preparing and using presentational aids outlined in your textbook.


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