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In this integrative essay you will have an opportunity to integrate the course materials through the three modules. The focus will be on health care systems and include topics covered in the course. This is a managerial focus and your role is a health administrator.

Students will be responsible for an essay in the form of a proposal to fund a new public or private health program or significantly modify an existing one. Developing this proposal will enable students to explore and develop a health issue in depth, with the potential to integrate their work into actual management.

The proposed program may be based on an area of interest with which you are familiar from past or current work experiences, or you may select an area in which you hope to gain future experience. You should draw from personnel working in the field, case studies illustrating the problem, and literature discussing the subject area in detail in order to develop your program plan. Though the actual program may never be implemented, the proposal must be feasible, realistic, relevant, and in some way connected to an actual group, program, or organization.

The paper is to be NO MORE THAN 10 pages long excluding attachments and Bibliography , typed, double-spaced, and with proper footnotes and bibliography. It should follow a commonly accepted format such as APA (Amer. Psychological Assoc.),MLA (Modern Language Assoc.), etc., and be consistent throughout. Footnotes may be placed on a single sheet at the end of the paper. The paper should include an Executive Summary of no more than one page.You are to use several external references. Only one of those references may be from the popular press or a textbook. All material must be properly cited. Of course, all work must be done by you and original for this course. Plagiarism will result in a failing grade


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