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Physical Security Threats Case Study

This case study builds upon your Unit VII Case Study assignment, which should be reviewed, along with the professors feedback, before completing this assignment. 

Now that your clients network is up and running, it is time to consider the threats. For the purpose of this assignment, assume the network is located in the area where you currently live (or have lived). 

First, briefly summarize the three physical threat categories based on your location and what techniques you could use to mitigate them for your clients network: 

  • natural threats, 
  • human threats, and 
  • controlled access threats. 

Next, discuss how you would secure the wireless communications component to the network. 

Last, Identify two techniques and/or tools that should be used when developing a system solution for your client. 

Your case study should be at least one page in length, not counting the title page and reference page. Your paper should be double-spaced, use 12-point size Times New Roman font, and contain one-inch margins. Section headings are encouraged to help organize your paper. Your paper must be written using APA format. You must cite at least one academic source, which can include one of your e-textbooks.



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