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Case: Spin to Fight Cancer

Please answer in the template file that I attached.

Take the role of “Product Owner”, to identify at least ten (10) Product Backlog Items (PBIs) for case: Spin to Fight Cancer. You can assume that they have a fully capable agile team with all necessary skills to complete project work.

-Each Product Backlog Item must:
1) Be written in a COMPLETE (not abbreviated) user story format (e.g., As a <user role>, I want to <goal> so that <benefit>)
2) Satisfy the INVEST criteria
3) Be assigned a relative size (i.e., planning poker or “story point” estimates) – not actual estimates because they are only used for the sprint backlog
4) NOT be tasks – tasks belong in the sprint backlog
-The Product Backlog must satisfy DEEP characteristics (especially the “P” – “prioritized”)

Case: Spin to Fight Cancer.
Coordinate and run a 10-hour fundraising event to be conducted at two separate indoor cycling studios. The event should be well-run and maximize fundraising dollars while raising awareness for childhood cancer. No date for the event has been set, but a date 2-3 months from today is desired.


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