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Watch the documentary about Clive Wearing, The Man With The Seven Second Memory and Living without memory.

Analyze the case of Clive Wearing based on your readings from the course. Consult all the material until the submission deadline of Assignment 1, because you might find relevant information in the material of various weeks, up to the submission week. You can also consult additional sources about his case, such as published scientific articles.

Specifically, try to answer the following questions:
How can Clives condition help us understand the way that memory works? What do the types of disability that he acquired and his skills that are spared show about the different types of memory which are necessary for complex cognitive tasks?
Analyze what he can and cannot do and explain which types of memory support these activities (e.g. having a discussion, recognizing his family, playing the piano etc.). Also analyze what is the impact of his memory deficits on his capacity to learn new skills or information.
Use of relevant theories of human memory to interpret specific examples of Clives situation should be discussed in your assignment.

Outcome: Short position paper (6-7 pages,PA 6th double spaced, times new roman font 12) that will be evaluated for Content (relevance, accuracy, validity, thoughtfulness) and Structure (clear & coherent organization).


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