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Case Study: Bone Screw

Read the file attached here called “Information about Case Study”. Then

First, make three short paragraphs to complete the parts under “Deliverables” and highlighted in red using the same scenario I made in 1,2,3,7,8,9:
Those are the Deliverables parts I need you to complete:
4. Bone screws of similar design and differing materials OR bone screws of similar design and materials but different coatings.

5. Bone screws of similar size with “slightly” differing designs.

6. Bone screws of differing sizes and differing designs.
Second, As the Companys regulatory consultant, draft one page (it’s quality, not quantity!) preliminary regulatory due-diligence executive summary including your thoughts, opinions, recommendations, concerns, questions, etc. relative to the scenarios described in the file attached that called ” Information about Case Study”.


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