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Case Study Paper for Art Therapy

This is a case study paper. I chose a case study that’s related to clinical art therapy and need to write a 3 page paper about it.

The instructions for the case study is uploaded. Focus on the HIGHLIGHTED SECTION… (”Reading includes”, ”typing the paper” and ”personal reflection”) There is a total of 16 BULLET POINTS underneath the 3 titles. I need to make sure all the bullet points are included in the paper. 

The paper should clearly answer the questions, 1. Describe the background and what brought clients/to art therapy? 2. What kind of art therapy was employed? 3. Describe what led the client to say the art therapy was successful?

Lastly, the paper should refer back to the text, HANDBOOK OF ART THERAPY BY MALCHIODI. (I uploaded the PDG version and explanation for which section to look at in the book is in the instruction paper I uploaded) Quotes and cite references are needed in the paper.

A personal reflection for the paper can be small and made up. Please make sure to include all the bullet points that are on the instruction highlighted page. There are many bullet points but all straightforward.


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