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Cash Flow Processes


Essay Objective: Forecast financial statement into the future and determine future external financing needs.

Introduction: Financial Planning is the process of determining whether the business by means of strategic management and planning of financial resources to best position the business for growth and profitability.

Deliverable: Written Assignment – 4 full pages (exclusive of title and reference pages), applying APA formatting.

Activity Details

Perform the following steps:

Step 1: Introduction

Begin with an introductory paragraph that describes why it is important for every business to be constantly aware of the financial resources to strategically manage the financial resources of the company for growth and profitability.

Step 2: Research and Write Essay Content

Research and review the steps in the financial planning process. Identify and describe the steps in the financial planning process. Emphasize and discuss the importance of forecasts and pro forma financial statements.

Step 3: Conclusion Summary

For the conclusion paragraph summarize what you have learned about the business financial planning process, forecasting, and share your thoughts about strategic planning and management of financial resources.

Financial management for the growing business from Ziegler, B (1990). U.S. Small Business Administration

Strategic Planning for Financial Results from Loyle, H. (2011). Journal of Franchising World, pp. 24-26.


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