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Assignment: Education Analyzed Through Nonfiction And Fiction

In this weeks Assignment, you consider the  styles of creative nonfiction and fiction to relay messages concerning  womens education experience.

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review the brief biographies of Maya Angelou, Alice Walker, and Ntozak Shange in the Womens Voices and Social Change timeline media piece.
  • Review the Angelou and Walker readings from this weeks Learning  Resources to uncover the authors perspectives on the value of  education.
  • Review the Glossary of Terms and Techniques for Literature and  Creative Writing document for descriptions of creative nonfiction and  fiction.
  • How would you describe the difference between the two styles of writing? Do you have a preference? Why?
  • Consider people in your life who may have a strong sense of mother witnatural wit or intelligence or innate knowledge. What distinguishes people with this type

Evaluation Of A National Cancer Registry National Study And Request For Best Practices

You have been provided with a recent national cancer study article to used as a guide.

a.       Your Role:   Cancer Registry Manager reporting to the Oncology Department Chair (MD).

b.       Your Task:   Using the attached cancer registry data national study as a supporting document, create a proposal of how to organize the institutions annual cancer registry report or create a patient education presentation for your community.

c.       Your Task:   Analyze the data, create at least three graphical displays and create a narrative summary of the key element or criteria for best practices in Annual Cancer Registry Reporting.

Assignment Final Project

  • Compile and include your photographic presentations from Weeks 14 in  the Final Project photographic series template or your own PowerPoint  format. Review the Milestone Assignments in the Final Project Summary to  assure that you have included all elements of your project. Consider  the process that you used to create each photograph in your photographic  series.

  • Compose the last photograph in your series to reflect a logical  conclusion to your photographic series that communicates the theme of  the message or story chosen in Week 1.
  • Compile your complete 5-photograph series.
  • Write a 2- to 3-paragraph assessment of your  success in conveying the theme and message or story through your  photographic series. Include answers to the following questions:    
    • Are there any elements of photography in your photographic  

Political Thought

Step 1: Case Scenario

Read the following case first; then proceed to the next steps.

You work at a research lab and are 1 of the 6 researchers. Philip, a well-known and highly respected scientist in the lab has offered a theory that the cholesterol in eggs can have serious negative health effects on children. He cites 5 case studies done in different regions of the country over a two-year period and all studies suggest that negative health issues can be linked to egg consumption. His presentation is very compelling and the research lab has been offered significant amounts of government grant money to promote the findings of the cholesterol study.

The lab goes forward with the cholesterol research and assigns the other 5 researchers the task of furthering the study. After one year of research and much economic success for everyone at the research lab, a meeting is convened to assess the progress of the program. At this meeti

HA525 Unit 10 Discussion

Using as reference:

Title: The Law of Healthcare Administration 

Edition: 8th (2017) 

Author: Showalter 

Publisher: Health Administration Press Book 

ISBN: 978-1567938760 

Answer with not less than 150 words 

  1. What was the most surprising information you learned this term?
  2. What was the most practical information you learned this term? How will you utilize this information in your professional field?
  3. Are there any unanswered questions that you have about the course material? If so, post your questions here so that you can get those answers before the term ends.

In two different paragraph with no less than 75 words give your personal opinion to  Brenda Newcomb and  Crystal Moore 

 Crystal Moore 


HA515 Unit 10 Discussion

In not less than 150 words discuss:





As you prepare for the next major step in your career, your success at acquiring that next position up will depend on how prepared you are as a professional. What were some of the important elements mentioned in the videos provided that were important to you or stood out?

Be as specific as you can.

Did the video on Interviewing offer any helpful suggestions that you found extremely useful? Were you surprised that this process had many potential areas for enhancement or failure?

In two different paragraph with no less than 75 words give your personal opinion to Benjamin Schortgen   and  Julie Skala 

 Julie Skala 

I was not aware that Purdue Global offered all those benefits for me to utilize. I particularly liked the Career Network and CS Services and building your avatar. The Career Network and Job



Write a one-page summary and response to the article that you. A template is provided in the Learning Resources to guide you in formatting your paper.

As you reflect on the findings in your chosen article, consider how the findings compare to your own professional nursing experience with Magnet, or if you have no personal experience with Magnet, your thoughts concerning Magnet:

  • Paraphrase and integrate information from the article into the paper.
  • Include an introduction, body, and summary (conclusion).
  • Consider factors or principles from the article that hold true for or resonate with you.



Agent Based Modeling can be used for introducing new technologies and for policy making and policy review. 

Research and select an article (dated within the last 3 years) discussing the use of agent based modeling(ABM). 

Using at least 300 words, discuss the article you found and specifically describe how agent based modeling (ABM) was used for simulating the actions and interactions of autonomous agents (both individual or collective entities such as organizations or groups) with a view to assessing their effects on the system as a whole.  

 Your document should be a Word document. To receive full credit for this individual project, you must include at least two references (APA) from academic resources 

Unit 8

Nutrition, Body Composition Labs, and Flexibility Labs

View an . Be sure to adjust your audio settings.

Unit Outcome addressed in this Assignment:

  • Identify strategies for effective weight management.

Course Outcomes assessed/addressed in this Assignment: 

EF205-4: Discuss energy metabolism and activity related changes.

GEL-1.02: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English.


Part I

For 1 day, record each item you eat and drink and how much of it (e.g., cups, ounces, or tablespoons). Set up an account on Once you have logged in, go to My Trackers My Nutrition and enter your 1-day food intake. After inputting all of your items for 1 day (including snacks), access your Daily Nutrition Feedback.

  • Summarize you

Data Analysis

The CDC is proposing to train public health professionals nationally on improving Influenza A prevention strategies targeting particular high-risk groups in the state. In order to prepare for next year's flu season, the CDC needs to identify the locations where possible mass vaccination clinics need to be set up.

You are the head of a nine-member public health committee at the state public health department. You need to present the proposed data analysis design to the public health department chair. Your proposed data analysis design should include the following:

  • A proposal for the research design.
  • A sample, methods, and data analysis strategy that you would use for this study.
  • Specifics of your research.
  • Updated estimates on the number of influenza cases and related hospitalizations and deaths in your state in the previous years.
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