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British Museums cultural and artistic activities

Make research about  British Museums cultural and artistic activities that are organised in the last 2 years and for a specific period (such as temporary exhibitions, seminars, symposiums, movie screens, music concerts, art courses or workshops and etc.-except educational programs)

Cultural and artistic activities can be organised either online or in the museum premises

Evaluate cultural and artistic activities in terms of museums communication function


THE BAROQUE 1600-1700                                                                _____________________

The artists we will look at for the Baroque Period (1600-1700) are Caravaggio and Bernini.

The most significant historical factor that shaped the Baroque style was the Protestant Reformation. The Protestant Reformation was a challenge to the spiritual and political power of the Church in Rome. The Protestants broke away from the Catholic Church because they wanted to reform it. This began in 1517, when Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the door of a Church in Wittenberg, Germany. These theses were a list of statements that challenged certain Church practices largely the sale of indulgences but also other, deeper concerns that Luther had with Church doctrine.
  As a result, the Church held meetin

Film Review

Film: I'm a Cyborg, but That's OK (2006)

Choose one of the following questions to address in your response paper.  (Please note the number of the question that you are responding to at the beginning of your paper.)

1. There are numerous moments of overlap or transformation in Cyborg, where one ordinarily discreet object, individual, role, word, sound, etc. merges with or becomes another thing.  Name one such transformation and discuss its significance in relation to the film as a whole.

2. The director, Park Chan-wook, has said that Cyborg is is not interested [in] the concept of a cure.  Yet we can trace a kind of healing trajectory throughout the film.  What do the main characters achieve by the end of the film, if not a cure?  Is this a happy ending, a tragic outcome, or something else altogether?

Concert Report

Hello- Please see the attachment for the instruction and this is very IMPORTANT. Paper should be 2-3 pages and I am aware That i put 2pg but if it is 2 then complete 2 pages i want or can be more than that.

<<<write report EITHER on a concert you've seen in the recent past (last six months or so) WHICH I NEVER BEEN TO CONCERT or a FULL concert on youtube. Remember... for your concert report, you must write about a concert where the artist is playing a style of music that we have discussed (or will discuss) in class. No Jazz, no classical.>>>

Above instruction was sent by my professor. I haven't pick any concert on you tube. Please go head and pick any concert that matches the instruction and write about it. For more info see the attachment.

Book Review part 2

Ethnomusicology [Please also bid for "Book Review part 1"]

Your book review should 1) situate the ethnography in
relevant scholarly conversations, 2) explain the authors thesis and methodology, 3)
summarize each individual chapter, and 4) provide commentary on what you found
compelling, and what you thought was lacking. 7-10 pages, 12-point font, 1-inch
margins, double-spaced.

(Final paper includes introduction summary so I deducted 3 pages from total of 9 pages)

Thank you so much for helping!

Book Review part 1

Ethnomusicology [Please also bid for "Book Review part 2"]

Please check 0. instruction document and complete four part.
It's basically introduction summary (3 pages) + outline.
I did not add more pages for outline because you would need it anyways for final 7-10 pages long paper. But please make sure you follow the same format to document 4. Sample outline (including all chapters). Please make a note of it before you bid.

Thank you so much for helping!

Music History: The history of musical theatre

Students are responsible for researching the development of their instrument/voice-type over time. Specific consideration should be given to the following:
1. How it relates to the seven time periods of music history 2. Salient style characteristics as it moved through history 3. Notable composers/performers who contributed to its development 4. Its impact on the history of music 5. Speculate on how its past may inform the present and future

Particulars: 10-page double spaced paper with bibliography and MLA citations.  Worth 10% of each students final grade.

ludwig van beethoven

Paper should have at least three sources, preferably one source being
a hardcopy source. Attempt to seek out reputable sources such
as music journals, periodicals, and specialized music societies.
Gravitate toward website sources with .org and .edu endings.
Wikipedia should NOT be one of your sources. If you choose to use
Wikipedia, your paper will be graded down.
Please use MLA format for your paper.
You will have to provide a works cited/bibliography page. This page will
not count as part of your research paper.
Please cite your sources properly.
Please understand that as part of the research paper, you are REQUIRED
to cite your sources within the body of your paper. Citations are required
for the following:
1. Direct quotes
2. Paraphrasing
3. Citation of specific facts
It is recommended that you become familiar with your subject through
your sources, so that you may properly synthesize the information into
your own words.


Please read the questions carefully and answer in full sentences and make sure to focus on answering each part of the question as precisely as possible.DO NOT USE OUTSIDE INTERNET SOURCES. I will include link that will help answer the question
the sources for the answer is in the link in the browse doc

1) The artist Giotto was one of the first to change from the art of the Middle Ages, which was flat and unrealistic (like the Justinian Mosaic, with its emphasis on spirituality) to a new type of naturalistic art. Identify and describe one of Giottos innovations in this fresco that looks naturalistic.

2) When you look at these two paintings side by side, you can see how the art of the Italo-Byzantine (Middle Ages) changed in the Early Renaissance. What a

Principles of Art

This is a Discussion:--

Discussion - Principles of Art 
This week you will working on a journal assignment. This will be broken up into two parts; research and  write up/discussion. You will want to keep the following definitions in mind before you begin this assignment:


Unity requires that the whole design is more important than any subgroup or individual part.  Unity is the goal of all design.  Balance between unity and variety is key to a good design.

There are four ways of relating elements to achieve unity:

Alignment: Proper Alignment in design means that every element in it is visually connected to another element.
Contrast: Unique elements in a design should stand apart from one another. Contrast is achieved by using elements like color, tone, and size variations to all allow the viewers eye to flow naturally.
Proximity: elements that physically close are seen as related
Repetition: eleme
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