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Any topic (writer’s choice)

SWOT alone is not sufficient to fully understand the current situation of a company. There are environmental factors and industry factors that need to be evaluated. Porter's 5 Forces and PESTLE are very important strategic frameworks.
Because you only used one framework, you are essentially forced to use it to develop your strategy. How would you defend that the best strategic model is strengths/opportunities or weaknesses/threats? You did not discuss the relevance of frameworks and defend your choice.  You should choose one strategy. Diversification of the portfolio and geographic expansion are two very different strategies. SWOT is not sufficient to guide geographic expansion. PESTLE is a critical framework for this strategy.
You did not create a roadmap for your strategy (25 points). You need phases for product development with associated timelines, milestones and measurements.
You did not create an analytics plan (10 points)
You did not create an adaptive plan that

Mutual Funds

Would you please provide a brief description of Mutual funds, and summarize the regulatory issues it faces.

I wrote the paper attached about automotive industry and I got C. So, the professor gave me another chance to do another paper, therefore, I picked mutual fund and there is a power point attached.

Bond and Stock Valuation

Airnova Inc. has two types of bonds, Bond D and Bond F. Both have 8 percent coupons, make semiannual payments, and are priced at par value. Bond D has 2 years to maturity. Bond F has 15 years to maturity.

Airnova Inc. is considering four different types of stocks. They each have a required return of 20 percent and a dividend of $3.75 for share. Stocks, A, B, and C are expected  to maintain constant growth rates in dividends for the near future of 10 percent, 0 percent, and -5 percent, respectively. Stock D is a growth stock and will increase its dividend by 30 percent for the next four years and then maintain a constant 12 percent growth rate after that.


If interest rates suddenly rise by 2 percent, what is the percentage change in both bonds?

If interest rates suddenly fall by 2 percent, what is the percentage change in both bonds?

What does this tell you about the interest rate risk of longer-term bonds?

What is the dividend yiel

financial analysis/report

it's a group report, my parts are point 4 & 5:

4.Financing choice: Provide an overview of how Appen financed the acquisitions of both Leapforce and Figure Eight. Explain and evaluate these financing choices. 

5.Cost of capital: Provide an estimate of Appens cost of capital. You will need to detail all calculations and assumptions to convince Media Super that your estimated cost of capital is reliable. 

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Use the uploaded materials below to answer each of these questions INDIVIDUALLY. Each question needs to be answered in summary format. Reference the appropriate material uploaded below per question.

**Work NEEDS to be completed in UNDER 3 HRS!!**

-the external situation of the firm: defining the industry, analyzing industry structure using the 5 Forces model, discussing the effects of PESTEL on the industry structure
-the internal situation of the firm: value chains, resources & capabilities, how these relate to both  competitive and corporate strategy
-competitive (or generic) strategy: scope (broad or niche) and basis of competitive advantage (differentiation or low cost leadership)
-competitive advantage and how different competitive strategies can generate wider than average margins/wedges
-corporate strategy (focus on related diversification, the better off test)
-the congruence model as a diagnostic tool, concept of Fit

***Pull terms


The Case Study Written Report should be based on expanding upon the research done for the outline.  The report is expected to be of appropriate length to accomplish the task in a complete and through manner. A minimum of ten (10) separate, printed and credible sources are required for this part. You will add to the 5 references you have from the Case Study outline. You will use APA format standards for both page format and in-text citations. A website can be used to gather several categories of information but is considered one source. Although YouTube can be used as a reference, it will not count among the ten required sources.

The work structures are,
1. Challenges/Issues
Make sure that you clearly analyze and support why, when and how these 3 or more challenges came about. 2-3 pages (you can add one more business concept that is in relate to the challenge based on the research.)
2. Successes
What are their most recent successes? If no current successes list

TESLA Analysis

Write up of TESLA:
-Stakeholder analysis
-SWOT analysis
-Customer Segments( Technology Enthusiasts, Early Adopters, Early Maturity, Late Maturity, Laggards.
-Conclusion including prioritization of company's future challenges.

Adopter Categories: Characteristics
In Roger's adopter categories, he acknowledges that not everyone possesses the same motivation to adopt new technologies.

1. Early adopters: This group tends to create opinions, which propel trends. They are not unlike innovators in how quickly they take on new technologies and ideas but are more concerned about their reputation as being ahead of the curve.

2. Early majority: If an idea or other innovation enters this group, it tends to be widely adopted before long. This group makes decisions based on utility and practical benefits over coolness.

3. Late majority: The late majority shares some traits with the early majority but is more cautious before committing, needing more h

Human Resources

There are many known success stories where effective teams have had a major impact on the positive outcome of a situation.  Apollo 13 is a defining example of how the impact of teams can have on the outcome of an organization.  This project will help you analyze the impact that teams can have on an outcome or situation

Instructions: Utilizing our assigned reading, CUW library, and other scholarly materials, you will prepare a 2-3 double spaced page paper (not including, title page, references or appendices) following APA guidelines. This paper should exhibit some critical thinking on the part of the student.  Each paper should be well organized and readable.

Answer the following questions in your paper:
Provide an overview of what occurred with Apollo 13
Describe how NASA teams had an impact on the outcome of the situations.
Explain the advantage that teams have when working together to achieve a larger mission.
Summarize the ro

Human Resources

This is continuation project - 2 of 4. 1 of 4 is attached. Nothing needed to be changed.

Outcome measurement:
Propose an employee engagement plan

This is a continuation of the project from the previous unit.  By know, you have received feedback on your topic and should have an approved direction for your final paper.  During this step, you will start to document your literature and outside resources by developing an Annotated Bibliography

Activity Instructions:
Review the following video: Writing an Annotated Bibliography
Step 1: List at least 8 references related to your topic in APA formatting
Step 2: Prepare a 250 500-word paper proposal relating employee engagement and action that you would like to implement. This proposal should provide a high-level overview of employee engagement, the problem, and the outcome you wish to address.

Grading and Assessment: The assignment will be graded on content and per the assign

Case Study: Leveraging Big Data

This case study discusses the use of predictive modeling to assess consumer buying habits based on their location, shopping preferences and internet browsing history. This assignment is designed to make you think critically about the future of data analysis and predictive modeling and issues that may arise (or have already arisen) with this data collection method.
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