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Essay Assignment: Chapter 2 Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis

Essay Assignment: Chapter 2 Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis
Chapter 2 is one of the longest and most dense chapters in our textbook. The concepts that are introduced assist us in making financial decision based on a company's financial statements and reports. As you are likely aware, there is a very close relationship between finance and accounting, and in order to understand finance, it is critically important to comprehend basic accounting terminology and procedures. Please write a 1 page essay, double spaced, no less than 450 words, explaining the close relationship between accounting and finance. This essay should use accounting terminology, new terms we learn in Chapter 2, as well as examples of the importance of understanding accounting in a finance setting.

Fundamentals of marketing

Part 1

Discuss what a marketing plan is and describe the different components of the marketing plan in your own words (see figure 16.2 in the text). Also explain how the marketing plan is helpful to the organization. You do not have to put together a marketing plan for this assignment


Identify the elements/components such as the SWOT, goals/objectives, etc. and translate/apply them into how they would be carried out into the execution of a marketing strategy.

For instance (note that these examples may not be used in your assignment):

In a SWOT analysis you determined that one of the strengths of a company was that weekly team meetings were held where ideas are exchanged and commendations are awarded to team members who have met or exceeded goals or expectations for the week. How can we translate or incorporate that Strength into a marketing strategy?

Since the ideas being exchanged in the weekly meeting are to foster growth and innova

Team Project – Written Paper


Team Project (Team Grade): 30%

Please Note: Please Note: This Power Point is to be posted in the Forum no later than Tuesday, April 28th 11:55pm.  This is so your peers can review and respond and/or ask questions.  The Written Paper is due Saturday, Friday, May 8 at 11:55pm.  Please Note that only one person per group needs to post it to the forum as well as submit both, the power point and written papers for grading via the assignment link. 

Each team will come up with and select a different case of an organization confronting managing complex change. The team will be responsible for devising a comprehensive change plan, informed by everything they have learned regarding the formulation and execution of successful complex change initiatives.  If you need help with coming up with an organization, please let the Instructor know.

Team Project Criteria

The criteria for evaluation of both the case work itself and

Coca Cola

Monitoring competitors' performance and strategies is a key aspect of an external audit. This exercise is designed to give you practice in evaluating the competitive position of organizations in a given industry and assimilating that information in a CPM.
    Respond to Exercise 3B, Steps 1-3 from your textbook. Use APA format and cite references correctly (when citing add author, date and paragraph number )

Exercise 3B Develop a Competitive Profile Matrix for Coca-Cola

Monitoring competitors performance and strategies is a key aspect of an external audit. This exercise is designed to give you practice in evaluating the competitive position of organizations in a given industry and assimilating that information in a CPM.


Step 1 Turn back to the Cohesion Case and review the section on competitors (p. 28). Also view online resources that compare Coca-Cola with Pepsi. Use the sources listed in T

Burroughs Wellcome Retrovir Case

Case Analysis - One written case analyses which must be submitted BEFORE the night of the case discussion. The submission should be typed, double-spaced and be approximately 8-10 pages in length, have 1-inch margins, and use 12-point font. This length does not include cover pages or any attachments, calculations or tables. The analysis should assume prior case knowledge by the reader; rehashing of `non-critical' descriptive material is not necessary. Case facts should be presented to defend positions taken or to support case analysis. The write-up must follow the case analytic format (e.g., headings are required, as appropriate, but you do not need to cite references nor adhere to APA or MLA guidelines).

***The key alternatives for this case are to (1) maintain current price of $1.20 per pill or (2) reduce price dramatically to just above variable costs, with consideration of price skimming and penetration pricing.  He should completed the assessment of these alternatives.&

how the supply chain supports the organizations business strategy

This final research paper must demonstrate an understanding of new learning in logistics management and how the supply chain supports the organizations business strategy. The paper must be eight pages (not including the title and reference pages). It is mandatory to include research from six- to- eight sources from the internet or online library to support your views.

In your eight-page research paper (not including the title and reference pages), you will describe both the business strategy and supply chain strategy for your organization, for a business unit of your organization, or for some other organization for which you have worked in the past and still retain contacts. Your research paper will analyze how this organization aligns its business strategy with its supply chain strategy and recommend strategy or tactics to improve strategic alignment based on scholarly resources and what you have learned in this course.

You are required to use non-course materials to sup


Now regarding assessments, I want to provide you all with the Learning Community discussion scenario for this week, Module 1.   

In this first discussion problem, I would like you to share a recent ethical dilemma you encountered at work or within your life experiences. I have found that reflecting on personal experience is often valuable to the discussion of how ethics theory can change your perspective of a situation. For this activity, consider a recent time when you have struggled with an ethical dilemma. In your post, please include these elements:

- Tell us your approach to the ethical dilemma. What were you considering as the event unfolded? What was most important to you?

- Based on your description of your approach, identify which ethical theory best matches your approach. The ethics theories you should/can consider are:
    - Utilitarian Theory
    - Virtue Theory
    - Duty Theory

Managing Teamwork abd Group Dynamics

Please review Chapter 9 (Managing Teamwork abd Group Dynamics) Power Point attached and write a reflection paper for chapter 9.

Course book: Essentials of Organizational Behavior (2018) 14th Ed. Robbins & Judge; Pearson, New York.

Further details:
Write a paper that integrates the chapter(s) reading with your experience in a work setting (current or prior).  The goal, purpose, and grading will be to relate concepts and content from your class readings to what you have seen/felt at your work site.  Do NOT just write about 1) what you did at work, or 2) give a summary of the text/readings.

Chief Liquidity Officer

In the current trading environment, where companies really need to have both acute visibility over their financial assets, and the most effective plans to manage them, we revisit the notion of the Chief Liquidity Officer and ask if it is time to create this central role, and if so, is the corporate treasurer best-placed to fulfil it?


    To what extent is the notion of the Chief Liquidity Officer necessary under current trading and economic circumstances?
    How would you define the role what might it be required to do and what benefits might it bring to an organisation?
    What skills, tools and resources would a successful CLO require?
    To what extent does the corporate treasurer already fulfil the CLO role?
    What would enable a treasurer to take their liquidity management approach to the next level e.g. in terms of strategy and empowerment?

As a start see t

Any topic (writer’s choice)

TLIM3345 - Human Resources in Technology

Original work:
The assignment will be developed specifically and solely for this course TLIM 3345.
Do not submit work from a previous course mine or another instructors. Research papers or other
written work that is recycled from a previous course will not be acceptable without consent from the
instructor and may receive a grade of zero.
Do not copy-paste from any source: current student, past student or other source. You can expect a
plagiarism case if your work is not your own. You must abide by the UH Academic Honesty Policy.
Be honest and ethical.
The paper must be a minimum of 7 double spaced pages in CONTENT length (title pages, table
of contents, works cited pages and appendices do NOT count toward the page count) and must include:
Page numbers
Cover/Title page
Table of Contents
Abstract describing the premise of the paper
7-page body of supporting, cited inform
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