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Briefly summarize your theoretical understanding of globalization (its definition, processes, and effects) based on the theoretical readings

Analyze the two stories referenced below to explain how attributes such as sex, class, race, location, culture, and religion impact peoples individual and collective experiences of and responses to globalization. Your analysis should discuss specific people/characters, events, and actions.

Reflect on how the stories you have analyzed have enriched your understanding of globalization. For example, how do they complicate, illustrate, humanize and even challenge the theoretical formulations presented in scholarly readings

The majority of your paper should be devoted to the second and third bullet points above


BLAW Riley v. California Paper

Write a brief on the Riley v. CaliforniaPreview the document Supreme Court case. The brief should be at least 3 pages in length. Your brief should set forth the facts of the case, the main issue before the Court, the decision of the Court, the reasons for the decision, the position of the concurring or dissenting opinions, and finally, your position on whether the Court made the correct decision.

The brief will be graded on the understanding of the issue set forth in the case and the reasoning of the opinions, both majority and dissenting. It will not be graded on whether I agree with your position on the case, but whether you have stated the issue and provided a basis for your opinion of the decision.


Why is it important for organizations to focus on hiring ethical employees?

How would you create a Code of Ethics for an organization that you have worked for or that you have read about?  Explain in detail.

The title below is a link to separate news articles. Each week you are required to find one news article (from the news feed or library research) that relates to your personal interests and discuss how that article relates to our weekly material



Book: The Consolation of Philosophy (Penguin Classics)
ISBN-13: 978-0140447804

Thesis: Boethius believes that God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and good.  But if his view is correct, then why do bad things exist at all?  Why is there evil in the world?

Remember to organize your points around a specific thesis, which you defend with reasons and evidence, and to strive for clarity and concision.  The ideal essay contains nothing irrelevant, and it should be more than a mere summary of the material.  Recall that to be interesting, you need to try to prove something.

Secondary readings are certainly allowed in researching your topic, but they are not required. What matters most is a clear, sound argument. If you seek philosophical background, a number of valuable articles on philosophical topics can also be found online in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

SWOT Paper

New venture opportunity and SWOT analysis paper

As we are studying SWOT analysis in detail, you will invent a new venture company for your week three paper.

Here are the dos and donts of this assignment:

Dont use a business created in a previous class
Don't use any real company
Do make up the business, the location, the client base, and the product or service
Do review a real companys website for ideas, but the basis of this paper should be your own original ideas
Your introduction should include a description of your company and any details that are important to the reader.  The description of your company should be approximately one page long and include a summary of the business.  The other details can be discussed when you are reviewing each of the SWOT elements.  The final objective of this paper is to prepare a SWOT analysis of your new venture company.

After developing your new venture and describing it thoroughly in the beg

week 6 discussion

This weeks discussion will be based on Case CP-1 on page 534 in the textbook.  Please read the brief case and respond to the following questions.

In what ways will the decision to change the equipments estimated useful life and estimated residual value affect earnings in the short term?  In the long term?  How does this change impact the usefulness of the companys net income for external decision makers?
If Mike and James make the change, are they acting in an ethical manner? Share your reasoning for your decision.
What would be an acceptable basis for making a change in useful life or estimated residual value for this equipment?

Corporate Performance Report

Review the information of the company Plug Power through Yahoo! Finance and the SEC EDGAR database in the Filings & Forms (Links to an external site.) page. From each section of previous chapters you have read in this class, you will be provided with a foundation to use in completing an assessment of the financial performance of a corporation.

In prior weeks, you learned about portions of the financial statements and how each is analyzed. This week, you will put it all together. Choose a publicly traded organization that is not used in the textbook and complete your own financial statement analysis.

In your paper,

Evaluate the past financial performance of the organization.
Determine the organizations future financial performance.
Assess the organizations financial statements to determine credit risk.
Conduct a screen for the potential investment in the organizations equity.
Choose an analyst adjustment to report the organizations financials.

Personality theory in a work place

This Competency Assessment assesses the following outcome:

MT302M2-2: Apply personality theory within a business environment.

Choose either a medical supply company, a hospitality services company (i.e., hotels, inns, tours, etc.), an event security service, an industrial manufacturer, or a beverage company. [Note: You cannot choose a real company. This must be a fictitious company using the scenario below.]

A family company (in the industry of your choice from those options above, but no real companies may be used) has been in business for over 40 years. They have always had a family member as president of the company. The business has been mostly conducted via email, phone, and in-person; but in general, the business systems are outdated. Now with the increasing competition, they realize that without change, the business may not survive. With no family member currently to lead the company, they must do an intensive search for an individual suited no

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

This competency assessment assesses the following Outcome(s):

MT219M1-1: Summarize the basic components of a marketing strategy.

Read the scenario and respond to the checklist items based on the Reading and Learning Activities.

Your instructor will assign a business type or industry to you.

Introduction: Examine the four marketing strategies and read about the importance of doing viable marketing research before you begin planning strategy. Based on what you learn, you will begin this assessment by examining the mission statement and then move on to address the situation analysis based on where you live. You will first address the background marketing research based on the business type that will be provided by your instructor.

Read the scenario and respond to the checklist items based on the reading and practice activities.

Scenario: Lee is the owner of Lees [business type assigned by your instructor], which is locate

Start up business plan – 24 hour daycare

Please see attached.  I've highlighted key pieces of the business plan project instructions and have already prepared a business plan proposal.  This requires business plan pro or palo alto software.  It has to be done using the "plan as you go" business plan.
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