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Some Internet sites allow users to identify themselves with a pen name or pseudonym. What are your thoughts on being pseudonymous on the Internet? Is pseudonymity the same as anonymity? What reasons might someone have for not wanting to use their real name? What good things can happen? What bad things can happen?

A neighbor has expressed concern about 5G and claims it is causing the local raccoon population to behave erratically and begin digging up the neighbors garden. What can you say to the neighbor about 5G that is factual and also conveys benefits of the technology?

Broadband Internet

The FCC defines broadband as being at least 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. What are the options for broadband connectivity in your state? Research the providers: Who are they? What are their offerings? How do they compare with each other? If you are displeased with the service from one provider how easy is it to switch to another provider? What are the effects on a community if there are no broadband providers?

vCenter Server and VMware

Find resources online relating to vCenter Server and VMware specific virtual machines and then writing  a reflective paper detailing your understanding of vCenter and VMware specific virtual machines 50% of the grade on this assignment will be for the amount (and quality) of online links included. Eight or more links for each topic (16 or more). This will constitute 50% of this assignment's grade. The other 50% is the quality of your reflection for the following three areas Navigating the vSphere Web Client, Installing ESXi, and Configuring ESXi Hosts.

Utilizing Cost Benefit Analysis to Select the Best Solution

Utilizing Cost Benefit Analysis to Select the Best Solution

Technology is often used to help address problems or improvement opportunities in many businesses.  In order to help a business in this process, one looks for multiple alternatives to understand what options are available before reaching any conclusions. It is important to do this research, and base the final decision on the available alternatives.

Every business has its particular goals, work practices, budgeting criteria, and many other factors that need to be identified when trying to guide the selection of alternatives through the cost benefit analysis. Once the alternaitves are identified, these need to be compared, based on the decision criteria of the business. Imagine if the most important criteria (attribute) is budget, and money matters, the ranking of your choice will be completely different than when the top criteria (attribute) is good environmental choices. Based on the different criteria you w

Wireless and Mobile Device: Near-Field communication and Bluetooth Security Aspects

The paper is between 6 pages and 8 pages (single spaced lines, font size <=11). You should reference at least six to nine journals or refereed conference papers.

This is survey research project for exploring the technical side of all Near-field communication and Bluetooth technologies. It is a thorough description of each type and their application, their drawbacks from a deep technical stance and proposing a solution that will address the problems of the older models of Bluetooth and NFC and provide the optimum solutions all the security problems that may arise due to older versions of Bluetooth and NFC. The entire report should be written from a technical and expert point of view and not general references and term, but dive deep into the explanations and descriptions.

You need to explain the features and the attacks against these wireless technologies in your research paper

Bluetooth versions 1.0 ,1.1 ,1.2 ,2.0 ,2.1 ,3.0 ,4.0 ,4.1 ,4.2

Project S


In 2010, the Iran nuclear program was nearly destroyed by some type of computer program.  Please research "Stuxnet".

For your writing assignment, please give me a brief synopsis about what happened to the Iranian nuclear program and tell me who do you think was behind it and why.

3 pages.

Please site your sources & please double space your paper.

Cloud Computing Architecture

Readings and Media

Please review the following for this week:

  Vic (J.R.) Winkler, Securing the Cloud, Cloud Computer Security Techniques and Tactics, 2011, Chapter 2
  NIST SP 800-145, The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing, September 2011. (

    Types of Cloud Computing cont.
Week 2 DISCUSSION: Community Cloud (1 pages)

Write one page using this weeks reading material. APA Format and provide two references at a minimum.

What do you see as some of the advantages and disadvantages of a community cloud?                                   
Students must provide one input and respond to at least one input

Projects That Have Failed

(Keep in mind that the SDLC can be applied to almost any activity you encounter, either at work or outside of work.)
One of the biggest problem areas in the SDLC appears during the requirements analysis stage and relates to communication problems between the software developer and the end-user. If misalignment of the end vision is not dealt with at the early stages the next phase of the process is either forced to be put on hold or the parties continue on unaware leading to the problem being exacerbated in the latter stages. Reflect on the following questions:
1. Have you participated in the creation of a project that failed?  Why did it fail?  Based on the System Development Life Cycle Model, what could have been done to help the project succeed?

Remember, the SDLC can be applied to almost any activity (including meal preparation or a move or buying a car, etc.). If you have never participated in a project that failed, you can use an example of a project that


CISO Deliverable Overview
This document contains full details for each final assignment to be assessed, as well as guidelines for video submissions.
As a synthesis of prior steps and interim submissions, you will be assessed on the following assignments:
1.    Cyber Operations and Risk Management Briefing
2.    Intelligence Debriefing
3.    Lessons Learned Video Presentation
4.    Digital Forensic Investigation Report

Cyber Attack Scenario Memorandum

A recent cyber attack occurred where a botnet type attack targeted a major US defense firm. No physical damage occurred to the firms network, but significant technological secrets about a new surveillance and targeting system from the firm, Defense Applications International (DAI), appear to have been compromised. Incidental, but nonetheless as a result of the attack, the virus also infected a software program that DAI was testing at electrical plant in Pennsylvania. The plant had to be shut down for 12 hours while repairs were made. The NSA believes it has credible evidence that the attack had a direct connection to the elite cyber unit Department 2112, of the country of Redistan, an adversary of the United States, although the attack itself appears to include private citizens of Redistan. The attack, however, was routed through several third countries including Bluelandia, an ally of the United States.

You are a new cyber desk officer working for the National Sec
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