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Building Confidence In STEM Presentation


Building Confidence   in STEM Presentation

The brain grows at an amazing rate during development, which makes it so important that we provide young children with the best environment to learn and grow. Too much abstract thinking at a young age could possibly overwhelm a child. It is important to understand how the brain functions at each developmental milestone.

For this assignment, use the topic materials and your own research to create a 15-20 slide digital presentation that can be used during an open house geared toward families of children grades K-3.  Be sure to include a title slide, reference slide, and presenter notes.

Your presentation needs to include the following:

Brain development at each stage in relation to how children learn.

The significance of constructivism for meaningful learning during the developmental stages of young children.

The importance of intr

Reply To A Student

  Create a reply to the attached  post following the established guidelines .  

Replies are to be substantial in nature and well referenced. Agreeing or not agreeing is not appropriate. the student made his ports from this Chapter 12 page 362 Week 12 1 

I only need a paragraph with your opinion or input on that student post, you can add any other idea, Please Agreeing or not agreeing is not appropriate

Revising My Paper Research

Revising my paper research 

I would like someone revising my papers

1-Connection between ideas and translations

2-there are some sentences dont make senses and need to rewrite again to make clear  

3-Organization and coherence  

4- grammatical correctness

Assignment 5: Evaluation Plan With Theory, Measurement, And Metaevaluation, Part 5

Due Week 10 and worth 320 points

For Part A of this assignment, provide revised Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 (Part A not included in page count but included in the evaluation.)

For Part B of this assignment, write a three to four (3-4) page paper that fulfills the criteria numbered 2-5 in this list.

Part A: Assignment Compilation

  1. Provide revised Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Part B: Written Portion

  1. Discuss ways and a rationale for including supporting theory in the report, especially as the theory relates to the object of your evaluation. Provide research support.
  2. Analyze the impact of standard and alternative forms of measurements upon the target of your program evaluation. Provide research support.
  3. Discuss three (3) reasons and at least one (1) method for conducting a metaevaluation on your evaluation project.
  4. Recommend roles and responsibilities with supporting

The Many Faces Of Attachment


Do you remember how you felt, as a small child, when you missed the person to whom you were closest? Have you observed a content baby starting to fuss or cry when handed to a stranger? Are you surprised how vividly you, or other adults you know, remember events from early years that involve separation or loss? The powerful implications of early attachments continue to draw researchers from such various disciplines as child development, early childhood education, clinical psychology, pediatrics, sociology, and anthropology. The more we learn about attachment, the more we come to understand not only its far-reaching effects on human development but, also, the many faces of attachment in the early years.

This week, you studied various forms of early attachment, the importance of secure loving relationships for healthy development, and the long-term consequences of problematic early attachments. For a visual reminder of early bonding and attachment behaviors, rev

Teaching Philosophy Statements

Criminal Justice field. I will add all the courses I am certified to teach. 

Answer questions at the bottom in the statement

What is a teaching philosophy statement?

A teaching philosophy statement is a narrative that includes:

  • your conception of teaching and learning
  • a description of how you teach
  • justification for why you teach that way

The statement can:

  • demonstrate that you have been reflective and purposeful about your teaching
  • communicate your goals as an instructor and your corresponding actions in the classroom
  • point to and tie together the other sections of your portfolio

What is the purpose of a teaching philosophy statement?

You generally need a teaching statement to apply for an academic position. A teaching statement:

  • conveys your teaching values, beliefs, and goals to a broader audience

One Of The Big Challenges With Cloud-Based Reputation Checks Is Performance. Users Do Not Typically Want To Wait A Few Seconds While The Reputation Of Potential URLs Is Checked.


Briefly respond to all the following questions. Make sure to explain and backup your responses with facts and examples. This assignment should be in APA format and have to include at least two references.

One of the big challenges with cloud-based reputation checks is performance. Users do not typically want to wait a few seconds while the reputation of potential URLs is checked. Most of us have come to expect that websites are at the immediate tips of our fingers and that access and loading of the content should take place rapidly and immediately. This presents a tricky security problem. Since the reputation service exists in the cloud, the challenge can be summed up as, How can a reputation be securely retrieved without slowing Web access down so much as to create a poor user experience?" 

Curriculum Mapping Essay

Find two curriculum maps and one lesson plan for each curriculum map. You can use maps and lesson plans used in your current school, in your field experience placement, or found online. Each curriculum map should be from a different content area.

Write a 750-1,000-word essay that addresses:

  1. Comparing and contrasting different styles for designing curriculum.
  2. Similarities and differences between the two reviewed curriculum maps.
  3. Articulation of the connection between curriculum mapping and lesson plans.
  4. A critique of how each lesson plan is aligned with its corresponding curriculum map.

Include 3-5 scholarly articles to support your critique.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectat

Curriculum Maping

1. After viewing The Differences Between Lesson Plans and Curriculum Mapping," explain the differences and connections between a lesson plan and a curriculum map. Review the two curriculum maps and lesson plans used in the topic assignment. What would you change, if anything, to help them align? Why is the alignment important? (250-300 words and at least 2 references)

2. What style of curriculum mapping do you find most appealing? What style of curriculum mapping do you find most effective for communicating with stakeholders such as parents, administration, district personnel, and students? Explain. (250-300 words and at least 2 references)

3. Review one curriculum map from Topic 1. Does it align with appropriate standards and assessments? (250-300 words and at least 2 references)

4. Are there academic standards that might not appear in the curriculum maps in the Topic 1 assignment? E


The , or CAPM, is used to price an individual security or portfolio. The general idea behind CAPM is that investors should be compensated in two ways, for the time value of their money and risk incurred. The model helps investors calculate risks and what type of return they should expect on their investment. The time money value is represented by the risk-free rate, usually a 10-year government bond yield, and compensates the investors for placing money in an investment over a period of time. That is added to the other half of the formula which represents risk. It calculates the amount of compensation the investor needs for taking on additional risk. This is done by taking a Beta, which measures a stock's volatility, and multiplies by its premium. The premium is calculated by subtracting the risk-free rate of return from the expected return of the market. For example, the expected return of a stock can be figured out in the following way using a model.

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