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Solomon Guggenheim Museum

You are required to write a research paper/report on how you feel about the structure, both the exterior and the interior. Discuss the construction, materials used, people circulation, lighting, etc. You should also discuss the history and include photographs in your presentation. You are to visit the structure and attach the entrance ticket/pay stub.

A Study on features of Different Twin-screw Extruders

Literature Review
-    Single screw extruding process
-    Different Twin screw extruding processes (1) Intermeshing Co-rotating type; (2) Intermeshing Counter-rotating extruders; (3) non-intermeshing Co-rotating type; (4) non-intermeshing Counter-rotating extruders;(5) non-intermeshing Coaxial extruders
Controlling parameters in twin screw extruding processes and their effects
Advantages and disadvantages of twin-screw extruders
Applications of twin-screw extruders
Reference in vancouver citation style

IoT based indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring system

Literature Review
-    What is IoT?
-    Arduino vs Raspberry Pi vs 8051 microcontroller
-    Measurand of Indoor air quality (IAQ)
-    Cloud for saving the measured data
System design of monitoring system (with circuit diagrams)
-    Proposed sensors used (with photos / diagrams of sensors)
Pros and Cons of monitoring system
Further development of the project
Reference in vancouver citation style

Biological treatment of produced water

The report should contain the following
1.    Introduction about the process
2.    Objective and purpose of the process
3.    Complete flowsheet including the stream flow with composition.
4.    Process parameters which affects process and how effective is this process
5.    Design parameters, design consideration and key design criteria.
6.    Case studies
7.    Conclusions
8.    References (30 at least)

Bhopal disasters

Information on the following points:
History of the disaster(who, what when)
Ethical and criminal issues related to the disaster
The societal, economical, and political impact of the disaster
Key reasons for unethical conducts
Review the nape code of ethics
Identify specific NSPE ethical codes that would be expected to govern the engineering decisions made in relation to the ethical disaster.

questions to be answered

Based on the paper that i will be attaching, Answer the following questions:
And please be aware that question 7 will have the longest answer. Thank you

1.    What is the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and what is its role?

2.    How can overstatements or overbooking of reserves occur? What are the causes of overstatements?

3.    Describe the general enforcement process, including steps that the SEC follows for investigations.

4.    What are the potential triggers that can initiate reserve inquiries?

5.    What are the two main kinds of write downs? Define them.

6.    What are some impacts of reserves write-downs or overstatements?

7.    Present an analysis of any one of the case studies provided. Do not exceed 500 words. Note that we are not judge nor jury. The exercise is to raise awareness.

Summary of approach

Summary of Approach:
write a paragraph or two that briefly describes the approach you plan to take when writing about the impact of technology on the aviation maintenance field and maintaining currency.
Please note this assignment only requires a summary of approach not the final project.

The final project paper will be based on this summary of approach. Here are the final project guidelines  for reference only to give you an idea on what to expect:
In a paper of between 1000 and 1800 words (4 to 6 pages), do the following:

    Briefly describe the career field of aviation maintenance.
    Explain what drew you to this field.
    Examine the impact of past, current, and developing technology in your field, providing specific examples.
    Discuss the importance of remaining current in technology and other developments in your field.
    Explore ways to get and remain cur

Currently don’t have a topic. Topic must be related to a Systems Engineering issue!

The proposal should contain a rationale or justification for the project. Generally, a brief account of the purpose, need, and significance of the investigation is given: motivation, problem statement, approach, expected results, and conclusions.  The objectives must be clear and concise. A brief account of the methodology is given, particularly those parts that are unique. The expected results and conclusions should be included.  The proposal should not exceed 2 pages, single-space.

Should be a problem and a solution proposed. Problem must be related to Systems Engineering field in some type of way.

explore an architectural element “Temples”

Please use the reading materials that I have provided along with additional resources you can pick that is related to the topic provided and make sure that each source is cited to reflect the paper.

But mainly use:

the Vitruvius (c.80-70-c.15 BCE). Ten Books of Architecture.  Translated by Morris Hicky Morgan (New York:  Dover, 1960 [1914]).

Vitruvius, Ten Books on Architecture (c.22 BCE), Books III-IV

Zaha hadid queen of the curve

This is a 5-6 page paper that has to be done by tomorrow at midnight. I will include the paper instructions and rubric as well. I picked to write about Zaha Hadid and how she's the queen of the curve. This does have to include a couple of images that need to be referenced as well. As well as 3 citations.
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