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Point Of View Essay

Write at three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:

  1. State your position on the topic you selected (Why E-Cigarettes are a safe choice to regular cigarettes). 
  2. Identify (3) three premises (reasons) from the website that support your position and explain why you selected these specific reasons.
  3. Explain your answers to the "believing" questions about the three (3) premises opposing your position from the website.
  4. Examine at least two (2) types of biases that you likely experienced as you evaluated the premises for and against your position.
  5. Discuss the effects of your own enculturation or group identification that may have influenced your biases.
  6. Discuss whether or not your thinking about the topic has changed after playing the "Believing Game," even if your position on the issue has stayed the same.

The paper should follow guidelines for clear and organized wri

Module 5

Before completing the journal reflections, please review Module 5: Deontology & Underserved Ethicsreadings and video (there are 7 of them).  Can you please make sure that every reflection has the requested amount of words.  Thank you so much!



Password: Rttdorsey2013$

Journal Reflection #1

Do you believe that there are universal moral laws, i.e. that right and wrong are questions independent of particular circumstances at a given moment? (150 words, 10 points)

Journal Reflection #2

Do you think what is true for you is true for everyone? (150 words; 10 pts)

Journal Reflection #3

What do you think? Is right and wrong universally true, regardless of circumstances? or are there acceptable exceptions? (150 words: 10 pts)

Journal Reflection #4

Why you are entering the health care field? What is your motivation for serving peo

Final Paper With Rough Draft

Now that you have read a number of short stories and essays, this is the fun part. You will choose your own primary source from the semester titles we have read. 


Remember, you can only choose something we have read in class. But the essay must be based on a source we have not yet written about. 

Here are your specs: 

POV: Third Person ONLY
Format: MLA
Word Count: Minimum 1,000
Primary Source: Your choice
Secondary: At least four sources
Works Cited Page: Absolutely
Borrowed material: At least eight instances of borrowed material

Things to consider: 

PURPOSE: Remember, this is not an expository essay, it is an argumentative essay. Therefore you should be starting with your thesis statement, ensuring that the thesis addressed the topic in a way that motivated the reader to want to respond. 


Essay On Obesity


  • Use MLA formatting
  • Essay should be 6+ pages long (not including Works Cited page), double-spaced with no additional spacing between lines or paragraphs.
  • Upload a PDF, Word document, or GoogleDocument
  • Remember to include a Works Cited page at the end of your essay
  • Must have at least 5 sources from a variety of mediums (i.e. book, magazine, website, newspaper, journal, database, etc.)

These are the paragraphs in your essay. Every issue is different so the last few paragraphs will vary based on your chosen issue.

  • Introduction (Paragraph #1)
  • History of the issue (Paragraph #2)
  • Causes of the issue (Paragraph #3)
  • Effects of the issue (Paragraph #4)
  • Counter-argument / introduce alternative solutions (Paragraph #5)
  • Rebuttal / refutation of alternative solutions (Paragraph #6)
  • Introduce best solution (Paragraph #7)
  • &nbs

Documented Repot


Documented Reports (DRs) are three-page reports students write to discuss research critically, practice one or more research writing skills, and explore possible subjects for a final research paper.  For this assignment:

  • Read these sources for the assignment instructions and to help you find and cite the two database articles you need in addition to the M3 assigned article you wrote about in Discussion 3:
  • Type DR3 on the to format your paper correctly; use one of the citations from the Works Cited page for the assigned article you evaluated and delete the rest.
  • Write and add citations to the Works Cited list for:
    • A related article from Academic Search Complete, and
    • A related article from another database
    • Retain alphabetic

Short Essay For Discussion Board

Once again we're going to imagine our ideal world that we began creating last week.  This time, we'll specifically think about issues of human-environment relationships, and what that relationship might be in an ideal world.

How do you imagine what the relationship between humans and nature ideally should be, and how does that differ (if at all) from the actual relationship we currently have in our society? There's little debate that we live in a society that is environmentally unsustainable in the long term. What kinds of cultural changes might lead to creating a more environmentally sustainable society (customs, norms, behaviors, beliefs, etc)? Thinking about the concept of the "two-toolbox" approach, how might this approach benefit the modern world? Is there anything from the examples discussed in the chapter (The Elder Brothers, the Australian Aborigines, the Dagara, the Lakota, the Hadza) that we could learn fr

Critical Thinking Assingment 6

Because Coates' essay is so big, you will use his essay again to write your next week of work. 

Pick three different quotes from The Case for Reparations by Ta-Nehisi Coates (604).

2. Write three abbreviated body paragraphs, using the PIE format: (Point, Illustration A, Illustration B and Explanation).

POINT: What is the problem presented by the quote? (1 sentence)

IllUSTRATION A: Write how the author presents the quote-summary. (1-2 sentences)

ILLUSTRATION B: Insert the quotation with page number. (1-2 lines)

EXPLANATION: Why is the point or quote a problem?  (1-2 sentences)

3. In this PIE formula, do not write the words I, you, us, we, and me.  These words are considered informal or non-academic. Instead use people, society, student, reader, person, or individual. Make sure that the PIE structure is typed, using the MLA format.

Please note that the Reflections m

Your Assignment Is To Write An Essay Of Five Or More Pages, Plus A Work Cited Page


Your assignment is to write an essay of five or more pages, plus a work cited page. Your
essay must have a title, a thesis statement, a beginning, middle, and end. I suggest you use
prewriting techniques to generate ideas. Write an essay in which you analyze the excerpt from
Niccolo Machiavellis book,
The Prince
, that appears in our Barnet book. The purpose of an
analytical essay is to divide a topic into several sections in order to give the reader a better
understanding of it. Machiavellis thesis is this: . . . it is necessary for a prince [political leader]
wishing to hold his own to know how to do wrong, and to make use of it or not according to
necessity (644). Machiavelli seems to be arguing here that the ends justify the means.
Based on Machiavellis arguments, does former President Richard M. Nixon (as
portrayed in director Oliver Stones film Nixon) represent a Machiavellian Prince? Why or
why not? If your answ

Sand County Almanac By Aldo Leopold


Please respond to all 6 of the question sets below with full paragraphs and original thoughts. Use short quotations from the text or any of the other course materials we have read so far to support your ideas and perspectives and make connections.

Sand Count Almanac Foreword


Leopold encouraged people to expand their vision of the world around them to include the natural world in their community as they would their neighbors. When people begin to look at plants, animals, soils, and waters in that context, they may consider them in a different way.


1. Compare your values with Leopolds: Is the ability to see geese more important to you than television or social media? Are you one who can live without wild things or one who cannot? How do various groups in American society currently determine the value of wild things? How is this demonstrated? How do disagreements about values play



Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the required chapters from the text and review the required articles for this week.

Taking on the role of the expert in the treatment of schizophrenia or depression, you will prepare a presentation for a group of physicians who are seeking your opinion on the treatment of patients with these disorders. For this interactive assignment you will create and upload a 5- to10-slide PowerPoint presentation as well as a five-minute screencast of the presentation to share with your peers.

For this presentation, select either schizophrenia or depression as the basis for your presentation. Begin by creating your PowerPoint presentation. In the presentation, include information which explains the neurotransmitter theory behind the disorder and how the drugs used to treat the disorder affect those neurotransmitter systems.  Evaluate the risk and benefits of treating a patient with the most common type of medicati

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