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Sexual Tolerance

People in the United States vary widely in their acceptance of the sexual and gender choices and orientations.  Recent changes in the legality of same sex marriage, the changing role of women in the military, and increasing awareness of transgender issues have highlighted how much has changed in recent months.

Choose one of these sources:

Find an article or graph that illustrates a recent change in law, attitude, or policy regarding sexual tolerance. 
Joel Burns:  It Gets Better (transcript located on YouTube site)
Write a 5-paragraph essay that introduces the topic youve chosen, summarizes the various points of view, and concludes with the current status of the issue you are addressing.  Be sure to use at least 2 references to support your essay. Your paper must meet the minimum 750-word count requirements. 

Phenotypes and Genotype relationship

Write 10 page single spaced paper  on the Genotype -Phenotype relationship based on attached research paper link. After relate the paper to cell language paper also attached as word doc.
Below is the link to the research that should be used.


For this written assignment, select one recent (within the past five years) evidence-based article from a peer reviewed nursing journal that describes a "best practice" in an area of nursing you are interested in. For example, if you would like to be a pediatric nurse, select an article that discusses a best practice in pediatric care.

Cite the article and provide a brief overview of how the results or findings were obtained. Then describe the "best practice." Conclude your discussion by explaining whether you thought the research findings supported the conclusions and the best practice.

This assignment must be no more than 3 pages long. It should include all of the required elements. Use APA Editorial format and attach a copy of the article.

Environmental health

This is an incomplete paper and it's basically a juxtaposition of what I wanted to say. There is an instruction for the assignment which includes the grading rubric as well and I am providing it here along with my paper. Since I am an ESL, there would be a lot of grammatical errors as well. No reference formatting needed. Please re-write the paper so that it makes sense. I would greatly appreciate it!

Treating Trauma

This week, we consider the many options for treatment in disaster situations.

Using the course materials as a guide, identify the treatment option(s) you would deploy in a specific disaster situation, explaining your rationale for the selection(s).
In addition, discuss the population(s) the treatment will be used with and why this is the most appropriate choice for the population(s) identified.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

In previous weeks we have been reviewing the prevalence, mortality and morbidity associated with breast cancer. This is a topic of extreme public and personal interest. Primary care providers deal with the diagnosis, and the screening of breast cancer on a daily basis. Therefore, in this discussion we will discuss about the importance of understanding the advantages and limitations of its screening.

Quality Healthcare Measuring NP Performance

Directions: The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) was formed to ensure quality of patient care and measurement of patient outcomes with set standards.

Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is a performance measurement tool used by millions of health insurance plans. There are 6 domains of care:

Effectiveness of Care.
Access/Availability of Care.
Experience of Care.
Utilization and Risk Adjusted Utilization.
Health Plan Descriptive Information.
Measures Collected Using Electronic Clinical Data Systems
You may access the 6 domains of care by clicking this link:

****USE WEBSITE: (NCQA, n.d. (Links to an external site.))

As an APN, productivity will be an important measurement for the practice to determine reimbursement and salary. Fee-for-service practices will require a set number of patients per day to maintain productivity. A capitated practice will require the APN to hav

Protein restricted diet

State the various indications for a specified diet
Explain the scientific rationale for a prescribed diet
Describe food/fluid restrictions appropriate for diet or food/fluids encouraged to meet nutritional needs?
Describe how to present a short nutritional teaching plan to a patient& family with cultural differences.
Apply current research related to the nutrition topic.

APRN practice barriers

Discuss barriers to practice as an APN in ones state from both a state and national perspective. Research methods to influence policy change from various forms of competition, state legislative and executive branches of government and interest groups. Answer the following questions using scholarly resources within 5 years.
1. Identify forms of competition on the state and national level that interfere with APNs ability to practice independently.
2.Discuss interest groups that exist at the state and national levels that influence APN policy.
3. Discuss methods used to influence change in policy in forms of competition, state legislative and executive branches of government and interest groups.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

A local hospital is promoting their new clinical documentation system and electronic medical health records as a cost containment tool that will improve communication among health care workers, support the delivery of safe patient care, and facilitate the delivery of high-quality patient care. The hospital describes the system as effective in reducing costs by decreasing variability and standardizing care processes. When reviewing outcome data from the hospital on the publicly reportable data website, (Links to an external site)the outcomes for heart failure, surgical, and pneumonia patients are higher than the national average and much higher than at other hospitals in the area.

Which elements of cost containment is the hospital demonstrating?
How could the use of case managers help reduce the poor patient outcomes, heart failure, surgical and pneumonia patients?

Which of the patient populations (heart failure, surg
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