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use one in-text citation from the book 

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 I defend the statement: Of all the reform movements discussed and evaluated in Chapter 11, notwithstanding any discussion of the abolition movement (meaning do not include), the women's rights movement proved the most historically important during the Antebellum Era.  Women made a realization their rights were very limited compared to men as they went door to door to distribute  petitions in regards to the abolitionist movement, "violating the cult of true womanhood" (Women and Abolitionist Movmement). When Elizabeth Cady Stanton accompanied her husband to an abolitionist meeting, she was excluded from the meeting,  thus restricting her from expressing her own opinions, due to her gender (Voices of Reform). This motivated her to make a change in the rights for women. With Lucretia Mott, they placed an advertisement in the newspaper about holding a meeting where they wil

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Who Do You Think You Are?

Identify the various cultural groups you belong to, both voluntary and involuntary. Choose one of these groups and think about your membership in that group. Think about how belonging to that group influences your perceptions and values. For example, how is your worldview influenced by belonging to your family? By being male or female? By being Asian American, or White, or an international student? Etc. 

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Using either Hofsteades Value Dimensions OR the range of values described by Strodtbeck and Kluckhohn, describe how these value orientations affect your communication with others.

Be sure to make a clear link between what we have learned from class and how it relates to your analysis of your communication behaviors.  You should use terms we discussed in class in your analysis. Each paper sh

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This assessment has three-parts.  Click each of the items below to complete this assessment.

You are an administrator at Arizona Health Services (AHS), a large hospital system. You have been asked to assist in evaluating the financial feasibility of purchasing Jiranna Healthcare, a managed care organization in the San Jose area. For this part of the Performance Task, you will conduct a 5-year analysis of Jiranna Healthcares operational and financial data in order to determine whether or not it is an attractive acquisition. Refer to Jiranna Finances for financial statements to analyze.

Prepare a 2- to 3-page financial analysis. The focus must be on the content and the depth of your analysis. Unless otherwise indicated, a 5-year trend analysisincluding the most recent year of available datais expected.

Complete your analysis as follows:

  • Calculate the 5-year net sales, operating expenses, operating income, and net income of Jira

History Paper – ORIGINAL, Non-Plagiarized Work Only!


Choose one of three topic choices listed below on the subject of diversity to write a brief paper on the subject. Each topic explores two different approaches to diversity during the 60-year period after the Civil War (18651925). The dynamic between the two approaches will have a profound impact on our history thenand now.

Use the other sources listed with each topic below. It is important that you review these sources carefully because your paper should use a minimum of three sources from the list below. The SOURCES AND TIPS sheet posted will be especially helpful for properly citing your sources in the papermake use of it. 

TOPIC CHOICE ONE: Empowering African AmericansTwo Strategies

Here you will focus on the approaches of Booker T. Washington and W. E. B. Du Bois. Other noted names and certainly different organizations will become part of your inquiry. Washingtons famous 1895 Atlanta C

What is NAS? What is Native American Expressive Culture?

What is NAS? What is Native American Expressive Culture? 

Write  a 2 page essay discussing what you have learned from the readings,  discussions, activities and lectures from Unit 1 concerning Native  American Studies as a discipline. The essay should discuss methods and  major concepts. This assignment is intended as an exercise to assess  your current understandings of NAS and concepts. The essay assignments  will be graded on three components: use of major concepts from readings,  clarity in communication, and insightfulness. Please see the course  schedule for due dates. All assignments must be turned in via Blackboard  on the Thursday the week the assignment is due by 11:59pm or the paper  will be considered late. Late papers are accepted for a 10% reduction,  but must be turned in a week after being late. This paper should be  formatted with 1 margins, written in Times New Roman font at 12

history-the birth and growth of the United States as a nation up to 1865

 Read and answer 5 questions

  1. Compare the cultures that could be found in the New World prior to the Europeans. Why were some groups more advanced than others throughout the same region?
  2. Describe the effect of European exploration and colonization on African and Native American cultures. How did each group react to confrontations of societies?
  3. Describe the social, economic, and political changes, which occurred in Europe and led to exploration and colonization of the New World.
  4. Why was England later than the rest of Europe in colonizing the new world?
  5. In what ways did the English colonization of North America differ from Spanish colonization of Mexico and South America?

would you want to live Edward Bellamy’s utopia?

Two books you need to use for this paper. Dont forget to do the intext citation and work cited.




Read 1 of the articles below to answer the following question in a 1-2 paragraph response (about 250 words).  When you finish, please submit your response on Schoology. Your response must include the link to the article you read.  


What are the motives of American imperialism today? How does this impact the country in the future?


1. Be sure to describe what type(s) of imperialism you are discussing (i.e. economic, political, ideological, or cultural).  

2. Your paragraph(s) should incorporate at least two quotes total from the article 

3. Analyze what the motive of that kind of imperialism is for America 

4. Analyze the impact this topic will have on the future of the country.

5. The first sentence of your first paragraph is



Chapters 8-10 Unit Discussion:

You may choose to address one of the two following topics:

1) Utilizing the just war theory's jus ad bellum convention construct an analysis that determines if the United States involvement in War of 1812 met the jus ad bellum criteria  (just cause, being a last resort, being declared by a proper authority, possessing right intention, having a reasonable chance of success, and the end being proportional to the means used). The criteria are detailed and described in the following link:


Minimum length:

500 words

In text citations:

No less than three in-text citations from the required website are required. The in-text citation from the website should read as follows: (Moseley, n.d).

No less than three in-text citations



Chapter 10:

Original posts should be at least 200 words in length.  

Andrew Jackson was elected President twice (1828 and 1832). He won both elections by strong majorities. As such, Jackson enjoyed significant public support for his policies and remained a popular figure until his death in 1845.

Defend or negate the following statement:

As president, the Second Bank of the United States proved Jackson's most formidable challenge.  

Please add one in-text citation from the book: 

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Add one in-text citations from the following video: 

Please view the following video: Chapter 10

1)  The Age of Jackson: