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“What is Strategy?”

Article summary, professor gave us an article and we need to answer the questons (see attachment) base on the article. "What is Strategy?" Porter, Michael E., Harvard Business Review, November 1996
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the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on business and the role of data analytics in the crisis/ post crisis business environment.

The process you follow should reflect the following phases:

A Literature review of academic research on how Data Analytics is helping us combat the Pandemic Crisis. Only peer reviewed and official sources should be used (TUD library databases, google scholar or documents from government and official bodies).

Reading, notetaking, extraction of key ideas and listing references.
Composition of the first draft of your paper
Subsequent editing and redrafting.

Your paper must address all four Key Themes which reflect the key themes covered by the module:
1.    Evaluation of the role of data analytics and operations as companies, organisations, governments and society adapts to the new normal. 
2.    An analysis of the opportunities and dangers relating to data security and payment systems.
3.    A critique of a new technology whose adoption may be accelerated by the crisis.<

Strategic Marketing

The module assessment comprises of one individual REPORT

Individual Report Task: Develop a strategic marketing plan for Wilmar International for a period of five years, Include effect of Pre & Post Covid.

Some examples of the prospective areas of focus could be (but not limited to):
    Branding strategy
    Internal marketing strategy
    Social media marketing strategy.

Format: A Business Report

Outline for your report:
    Title of your report
    Introduction - Brief introduction on the content of your report.
    Background - Provide a brief overview of the Wilmar International (including mission and corporate strategy) and the focus of your report.
    Main Body Present identified issues, define objectives, propose marketing strategies to achieve these objectives, and predict future outcomes.


Marketing is undergoing a revolution in big data analytics. This case study explores some techniques of data-driven marketing issues.  Your analysis must address the following questions:

What are some third-party data used by Target and what is your opinion of the ethics of this?  What are "life events" and why do marketers regard them as important?

Marketing Management

kindly find the attached files:

- The word document is for general info and instructions

- The powerpoint presentations for subject and topics (for each week one journal)

- The PDF file is an example shared by our professor from previous students (journal A got an A mark and journal B got a B mark)

please follow the same narrative in the examples and use the phrases (in this week we learned....), ( in my opinion ....), as it is a learning .. there are tips mentioned in the instructions file

note: I'm a UAE citizen, I prefer making the paper close to the culture here or at least bias free

marketing plan

You are to add the next section of your marketing plan which is the segmentation/target marketing strategy section.  Since you are eventually going to be turning in one plan it is a good idea to just add each section to the sections completed in prior weeks.  Hint---make sure you understand the difference between target group and segmentation.  You segment the market using such factors as geographic, demographic, or psychographic.  You then target within that segment such as age, sex, hobbies, etc. Segmenting the market requires thought and precision and flows from your environmental analysis and the 5Cs and once you identify the segments and identify the size and viability and what fits with core competencies, selection of markets to target to begins. Good detail is expected here along with research. Make sure you cite the sources of your data and follow the marketing plan guide below.


This test consists of 5 essay type critical analysis questions. Graduate level analysis of each question is expected. Research is required and a minimum of three references for A level work. A one page analysis for each question is expected. Each question has a value of 20 points for a total of 100 points for the test.

case analysis

we will work with the data in the case to write a memo in which you address the following questions:
1.    What themes do you find in the data that help you understand what this brand means to consumers?
2.    Based on your analysis of the data, how would you evaluate the health of the Nestle Crunch Bar?  What are the brands strengths and weaknesses?
3.    Based on your insights from reading the case and analyzing the data, what would you write as a value proposition for this brand?

focus group reflection

1. Use this opportunity to reflect back on the focus group method itself and how it functioned. What worked well, what could be improved?
2. What would you do differently? What were the key lessons learned for you? What skills would you want to develop/prepare for if you were to implement and moderate a future focus group?
It is important to link your learning and reflections back to the focus group theory in the learning materials (PPTs,textbook, videos, blog, articles) and refer to this theory in your discussion. This means that you will locate the concepts /
techniques / theories from the text, class notes and/or other external sources that relate to the focus group method and your
various reflections on the method. Properly cite/reference the sources you use to support your reflections in this assignment
using APA referencing style. Aim for a minimum of 2 sources here with at least 1 of them being an external peer reviewed
journal article on focus group method.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Assessment 3: Learning reflection overview
Word limit: 2,000 words (+/- 10%)
Weighting: 35%

The aim of this assessment task is to develop your critical thinking skills and to use these to
reflect upon your own learning of marketing theory throughout this course. You are required to write a reflection on your learning and how your views of marketing have been informed. Your goal is to connect your learning to professional application and personal development in order to expand your view of the world.

All students were asked about their marketing perspectives before the semester started and again in Week 1. As humans (and learners) you had existing views of marketing that were based on your previous knowledge and experiences and you made notes about these at the start of the course. As you have worked through the course your new knowledge and experiences are expected to reshape your previous views.

Reflection is a valuable tool in the education environment,
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