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Marketing Research

The purpose of this project is to provide the student with the experience of applying marketing research techniques to an actual business problem of interest. This major class project is worth 30% of your final grade.  You will be required to select a business or industry that you are interested in and to develop a problem that you think can be addressed through marketing research. It is important to utilize course terminology throughout your project. All project topics must be approved by the instructor before proceeding. Each student must present his or her final report at the end of the semester.

To fully comprehend the breadth and scope of a successful Marketing Research report, it is imperative to understand the nine key stages in conducting a market research project:

Stage 1. Formulating the marketing research problem

Stage 2. Method of Inquiry the Scientific Method & developing a hypothesis

Stage 3. Select a Research Method

RE: Week 7 Discussion

he Stance Essay Draft

The difference between a Personal and Stance essay is that the first type is written in the first person (I/me) and relies on personal opinion. The second type is written in the third person (he/she) and relies on persuasion and research.

You MUST read chapters 6 and 7 in order for you to acquire the answers to this discussion.

Answer these two questions:

Where is the ONLY place you will find your research for this essay?
AND Why do you think in-text citations are required in research writing?

Please no citations or references. Only one paragraph. Please end the paragraph with a question followed by the answer.
The answer to the first question would be the web text. We have to complete our essay through the web text that helps guide you through the process. The two chapters above are not needed to complete this assignment.

Marketing report/presentation

I will be attaching the marking criteria that states everything you will be needing to work on the project. There are 11 questions that need to be answered but I will only be needing you to answer 5 of them. These 5 question are highlighted, underlined and bold. IF in any case, you CANNOT answer one of these questions without having the answer to the question above it please feel free to search for it but DO NOT answer it for me. If the question is not highlighted then DO NOT attach it with my questions just answer it for yourself so that you can answer MY questions.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

This exercise involves identifying a social media campaign and assessing what the intended impact of the campaign may have been and what impact it actually did have.  Pay attention to:
1. Problem: This is your why.  State, in two sentences, the goal for launching this campaign.  What message are they trying to convey with this campaign?
2. Target: What specific audience were they trying to reach? Specify demographics ans psychographics.
3. Tactics :This is your how. What kind of experience does the user/consumer go through if they were to engage in this campaign?  How did the campaigners manage to keep getting users to connect via social networking relationship on an ongoing basis?
4. Results: How successful was the campaign? Why do you think so? Did it have unintended impact/consequences? Did sales go up? Was user engagement increased? Will the consumers be more committed to spreading the brands praises to other and more likely to buy more products con

unit 1,3,4,

Consider the following statement: The only marketing segment that a non-profit has to worry about is its donors. Is this a reasonable statement?

Fairmont Hotels have a pet available for guests.  Is this very likely to impact the satisfaction of the business traveler?

What is(are) the difference(s) between Crest and Colgate brands of toothpaste?  Are they relevant to the basic function of the product?

put references under each question instead of all together on last page

unit 5/6

page 1

Jane just purchased Tylenol flu and cold medication instead of the Equate or Life brand of the same medication.  Why might she have chosen the more expensive brand?

page 2

How might Twitter be used as a Market research tool?

2 references for both

Reflections on Sustainability & Marketing Report

Please use the article about a new venture (recycled NFL helmets) attached bellow to answer the following:

1) Start with a paragraph evaluating the new venture and the marketing approach that has been chosen. Offer your personal assessment of whether the new venture can be successful or not and why. Please comment on and provide examples for at least two strengths and two weaknesses for the new venture and marketing decisions.

2) In a paragraph, discuss and provide details about two steps you could take to address the weaknesses present in this new venture  and marketing decisions. Make sure to tie in sustainability-related concepts to explain your approach.

3) In a paragraph, discuss and provide details about two steps you could take to take advantage of the strengths present in this new venture and marketing decisions. Make sure to tie in sustainability-related concepts to explain your approach.

The paper should have ONLY 3 paragraphs as outlined ab


This week please tell me the 1-3 flows you are planning to prototype, the reason you chose these flow(s), and upload the wireframes for at least 1 full flow. If additional details or descriptions (annotations) are needed for me to understand your wireframes, please include those. I'd also love to hear what software you chose and your thoughts on it
This assignment is also need to be done base on my topic: Learning a new language
The PDF that I upload is showing all the detail what to do in this assignment

Design Concepting

Think about the content, features, and functionality that will be available in your product. (If you aren't sure - return to the previous module and spend more time in ideation.) Make a list of all of the possible features and functionality - or content items - that might be in your product. Depending on the product you're designing, this could be a long list or a moderately short list. Aim for at least 15 items, but your list can be much longer. (I believe the free version of OptimalSort might be 30 items.)

An example list for a dogwalking company might be:

Customer login
Customer registration
Customer account
Ability to schedule a dog walk
Pet name
Pet photo
Pet information
Customer information
Customer contact information
Company phone number
Company email address
Company hours
Services available
Latest news
Dogwalker profiles
Vet information
Pet health information
History of walks for each pet

Explaining attractiveness: knowledge production and power projection in Chinas policy for Africa

The critique presentation requires the student to read one designated article in the units reading list
It develops the students capacity of:
careful and critical reading of academic work, and
strategic use and presentation of material.Expectation:
You may choose to present on the same topic as your news digest.
The critique presentation is required to include the following components:
1. the real-life context of the study reported in the article,
2. the literature review, which provides the academic context of the study/article,
3. the aims of the article,
4. the main claims and the evidence provided to support each of the main claims of the article
(please present in the format of claim 1+evidence; claim 2+evidence, etc.),
5. the overall argument/conclusion of the article, and
6. the methods used to achieve the aims of the article. (These refer to methods that gather and
analyze the evidence used by the author to
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