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Week 4 Discussion 1 HSA 525

Complete the following for this week's discussion:

Perform a cost volume profit (CVP) analysis on a couple of alternatives that management is considering for implementation (details to be worked out).
Download and review the case study and the Week 4 Discussion Spreadsheet [XLSX].
These two files contain the data necessary to complete the CVPs (dollar breakeven and volume breakeven) and to create the CVP graphs for each alternative.
Prepare a narrated PowerPoint presentation (15 minutes in duration).

Toy Project Group Discussion

You have been working at the Willie Wonka Toy Factory for approximately 6 months
now. Your supervisor has given you your 6-month employment evaluation, which was
excellent. As a result of your great work, your supervisor has informed you that he has
chosen you to be tasked with developing educational toys for children. You are excited
about this opportunity and readily agree to tackle this challenge.
You are assigned to the Research & Development (R&D) Toy Concept Committee.
Your instruction is to create a prototype for a NEW, developmentally appropriate,
educational toy.
The committee chair (Instructor) reminds you that the toy is an organic, dynamic
process, therefore, it is not possible to detail all that must go into developing your toy or
final write-up. What is written below is to serve as a guide to your open-ended, creative
process. You are the creator, the researcher, and the developer. You will take this
project from id

Unit III Essay

For this assignment, write an essay explaining your new compensation strategy for the mid-level manager position you still need to fill. Your audience is the chief executive officer (CEO) and other supervisors in your organization. In this essay, include the items listed below.

After a brief introduction, explain how equal employment opportunity laws impact the organizations compensation strategy.
Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of pay-for-performance and competency-based pay. What strategy would you recommend for your organization, and why?
Explain how various motivational theories can factor into your development of a multi-generational compensation package for your whole organization that includes indirect benefits. Be sure to give specific examples of how different generations of applicants or employees will be affected.
Explain your proposed compensation package, which should include direct and indirect benefits and how the pac

Health Care finance

Please read Exhibit A.9 starting on pages 94-99 of your text. Explain in precise detail how this information prepared by the Dunhill Health System auditors would be of value to you if you were to hold each of the positions listed below.  You are to respond from the point of view of each of the stakeholders listed below.

a.    Your one of 10 paid Board members of Dunhill Health System

b.    You are the CFO of Dunhill Health System

c.    You are the Senior VP of Dunhill County Bank in charge of Commercial Banking and have been assigned oversight over Dunhill Health System.

* HINT: There are financial statements for Dunhill provided on pages 86-89 that will assist you in preparation of your response.   

Community Development Homework

Instructors Note: Happy Sunday Students! Please complete the following assignment below using pages 3 18 in the textbook. All answers should be thoroughly written and clearly stated. Please students do not type your assignment in the style of a research paper. Please answer questions in list form! Happy working!

Chapter 1 Review Questions:
1. What are the five types of community capital? Which are strong or weak in your community?
2. How is community development both a process and an outcome?
3. What is the difference between growth and development?
4.. What is the difference between bonding (social) capital and bridging capital?
5. What are the three legs of the stool in traditional economic development? What other activities do economic developers do?
6. Why is it important for a community to be development ready?
7. How is community development related to economic development?

The types of construction companies, their structure and context in the construction industry and their relationships within the procurement process.

Ive attached the brief with all guidelines theres also some books on there for references.

Please add images to this report.

LO strands for learning outcome

LO1 Explain the terminology used in construction technology
Types of construction activity:
Low, medium and high-rise buildings, domestic buildings, for example house, flats and other multi- occupancy buildings, commercial buildings, for example offices and shops, industrial buildings, for example, light industrial and warehouses.
Construction technology terminology:
Loadbearing and non-loadbearing, structural stability, movement and thermal expansion, durability, weather and moisture resistance, aesthetics, fire resistance, sound insulation, resistance to heat loss and thermal transmission, dimensional co-ordination and standardisation, sustainability and scarcity of availability, on-site and off-site construction, legal requirements, buildability, health & safety.
Construction info

Any topic (writer’s choice)

For this assignment, assume you are a lead teacher in a preschool or TK (transitional kindergarten) class. Your school year has just started and it's important to reach out to the parents of your students to establish communication and begin building trust. Write a letter to the parents, focus on introducing yourself and outlining your communication policy.

Introduction Start by telling parents who you are. Tell them about your education, how long you have been teaching, and what you like to do in your free time. You can also include a little bit about your teaching philosophy if you have space. (if you are not a teacher currently, you can take some creative license with this part).  Including a small head-shot photo is a nice touch!
Communication Methods   Different families need to hear information in different ways! Its good to have a lot of plans in place for communicating with families. This can include newsletters, emails, phone calls, bulletin boards, and cl

Reflection Paper 1

You will read numerous texts throughout your journey in this course. This can often become just another task amidst everything else in your life. The desire is for you to practically connect your readings to your specific field of chaplaincy (HOSPITAL CHAPLAINCY). You will reflect upon your readings each week and discuss your thoughts in relationship to their descriptive nature (ministry definition) and the prescriptive nature (ministry application).
You will write a reflection of your weekly reading that is divided into two sections: Description (ministry definition) and Prescription (ministry application).
    Minimum of 400 words
    Turabian Format

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the TurnItIn plagiarism tool.


1. Crick, Robert. Outside the Gates: The Need for, Theology, History, and Practice of Chaplai

Any topic (writer’s choice)

1. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each of the five contingency theories including Leader-member exchange theory, the normative decision model, the situational leadership model, the contingency model, and the path-goal theory.

2. Rank them in order of most to least applicable in your former/current/future work workplace with an explanation of your rationale for ranking them in this way.
two paragraph

Averting ‘New Variant Famine’ in Southern Africa: building food-secure livelihoods with AIDS-affected young people

Critically evaluate the methodology and methods used in ONE of the proposed research projects.
In starting to make sense of this material we suggest you begin by reading the project information, user guides/documentation and project report that are available for your project.
This will give you an overview of the project and, in many cases the web link will direct you to publications and other outputs came out of the particular project. From there you will want to have a look at the design of the study as whole and then at the design, sampling, and conduct of the methods. You may also want to look at the raw data  generated (e.g. interview transcripts and survey data) to see how it was used by the researchers either in the final project report or other outputs or both. With a bit of legwork of your own, you can find other relevant materials (either by the project researchers or others looking at similar issues) that will help you put the project in a richer context of unders
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