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Personal Ethical Action Plan Initial Submission

This assignment is primarily about self-awareness and self-development. It focuses on identifying your values, recognizing situations when they are challenged, thinking about how to speak up in these situations, and overcoming obstacles that would keep you from doing so.

The assignment consists of six parts which coincide with topics we will discuss throughout the semester. These six parts will be turned in at two different times throughout the term. The first time you turn the assignment in you will have completed parts one through four. I will provide you with feedback for improving these parts and then after you have addressed my feedback you will turn in your revised parts one through four and parts five and six.

This initial submission is worth 100 points.

Step 1: Review the the following:

Project explained in video  (duration: 7:40)
Personal Ethical Action Plan instructions
The assignment rubric.
Step 2: Write the paper i

Social and Political Actions with Sports

You will identify an individual or group in sport that has been subjected to some form of oppression or injustice, and write a paper critically discussing the social actions taken for greater equality and power. You should also endeavor to outline the arguments made by those who attempted to resist change. The paper should incorporate larger social issues outside of sport, and describe how the actions taken by the chosen individual or group have affected American society and culture. You may choose topics and events from the entire history of American sport for this assignment. Some suggested topics might involve individuals or groups that have been faced with unjust practices/policies related to race/ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or age.

Discuss the foreign exchange market.

Provide examples based on external research. Provide at least two references in current APA format. What real-world applications can your chosen objective be tied to?

Your presentation is required to be narrated and at maximum be five minutes in length. Here are your required slides:

Title Slide
Introductory Slide
Content Slide
Summary/Conclusion Slide
Reference Slide

Criminal Justice Program Proposal Part 5

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word proposal that includes the following for juvenile justice correctional facilities:
Decide which type of evaluation is appropriate and how evaluation results will be used.

Identify information system capabilities of systems used to gather evaluation data.

Describe the qualitative and quantitative methods that will be used to evaluate program data.

Designate responsibility for data collection, storage, and analysis.

Develop mechanisms to provide feedback to staff, clients, and stakeholders.

Explain ways to assess the relevance of stakeholder feedback.

Format your proposal consistent with APA guidelines.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

The final assignment due Week 6 is a presentation to  Western University showing how the program and project portfolio management can be implemented within the University.

This final assignment is your opportunity to integrate insights gained over the term into a presentation for  Western University.  Your presentation should summarize the work you have done this term - including revisions made based on instructor feedback and subsequent learnings and provide the information necessary to gain approval to proceed with the program. This final project should include (slide guide):

Introduction Slide
Highlights  - Business Case for Program and Portfolio Management
Highlights and Implications - Complexity Analysis
SOP - Program Management
SOP - Project Portfolio Management
Project Charter - Implementation of Program and Project Portfolio Management
Considerations - Establishing Program and Project Portfolio Management Governance

Discussion reply

Discussion Reply Instructions: In one post, include the following information:

1) Reply to one of your classmates posts and clearly state if he/she accurately described the Replication Plus Extension design. Correct any errors in your classmates description and provide enough detail in your reply so that it is clear you understand Replication Plus Extension designs

My dependent would be the over behavior of a child at school and my independent variable would be the promise of getting a fun snack at the end of the school day. When it is found that the independent variable, the promise of getting a fun snack, causes a significant change in the dependent variable which is how a child behaves in school, an extension to this study could be added in the form of another dependent variable. That newly added on dependent variable could be the work ethic of the child.

discussion questions

1. Read the assigned articles on globalization. Explain the origins of globalization. What have been two major strengths and weaknesses of globalization on the country you selected? Justify your claims.

2. Read the assigned articles and reflect upon the historical and recent trends in globalization. What does the future hold for global organizations? What are the major opportunities and challenges that lie ahead?

Please site your sources

Global Studies (Debt, Discipline, and Dispossession)

Apply David Mcnally's analysis of the relationship between debt, discipline, and dispossession to the film The End of Poverty. In what ways do you see the themes of debt, discipline and dispossession appear in the film in a global context? How do race and class relate in the context of the IMF and world bank's debt-based development regimes? Pick up on any of these questions and write a one paragraph analysis applying Mcnally's reading and the interview with Professor Thornton to any of the themes and narratives covered in the documentary.

personal statement for PA school

In your own words, write a brief statement expressing your motivation or desire to become a physician assistant. Keep your statement general as it is shared with all programs you apply to.

Mention i was diagnosed with low testosterone at 19 and that i have a huge Interest in endocrinology and that i formed a strong relationship with a pa because i would see him on a weekly bases for my testosterone medication

Assignment: Your assignment is to create an infographic that explains this process. An infographic is a (mostly) nonlinguistic representation of a concept or an idea. It contains images, charts and other visual aids to provide an overview.


Your assignment is to create an infographic that explains this process.  An infographic is a (mostly) nonlinguistic representation of a concept or an idea.  It contains images, charts and other visual aids to provide an overview.
his reading assignment provides insight to the approach of facilitative leadership and how trust is built within organizations.  It includes the three main parts:
1. Facilitation

2. Leadership

3. Purpose
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