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The American Government: The Engine of Public Policy

The American Government: The Engine of Public Policy

Congress, the president, the cabinet, advisers, agency bureaucrats, federal and state courts, political parties, interest groups, the mediaall of these groups influence political decisions in our democratic system of government. This results in the creation and implementation of public policies.

Write a 34 page paper in which you do the following:

Define public policy.
Identify and explain the purpose of the three branches of government.
Discuss how each branch of government may influence public policy. Research an example from recent news (such as civil rights, health care, education, or others) and explain how each branch of government could influence the direction of that specific public policy.
Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

This course requires the use of a minimum of three professional references (Wikipedia is not accepted in this class).

empirical scientific evidence and anecdotal evidence

Consider the difference between empirical scientific evidence and anecdotal evidence. Explain which is considered more useful to the study of public policy and state why.

Identify 23 policies of your choice. Discuss which type of evidence is most appropriate for each of the policies you identified and explain why.

Grant Writing

to access information about grant writing to aid you in answering this week's discussion question.

Programs providing payments to individuals have become a large part of federal aid to state and local governments, squeezing out more traditional grants for programs like bridges, highways, community development, and job training. The grant system has also pulled state and local governments into regulatory policy. Each grant program brings with it a package of regulations and mandates that further spreads federal influence over state and local governmental activities.

Competitive grants require a specific type of application. Although state and federal agencies and especially foundations have different requirements, the basic parts of a grant application remain the same. What are the key components of a grant proposal? Explain why each step is important when

Write a critical response to Elizabeth Gilberts book The Last American Man. Provide a brief overview of the main argument of the book, and discuss and evaluate Eustace Conways story from your own critical perspective.

You might, for example, assess the book in light of what youve learned in class so far, critique it from the perspective of one of the authors weve studied, explore one of the key problems Gilbert or Conway raises, or discuss the implications of Conways thinking.
have a clear thesis statement included in the first (introductory) paragraph;
provide a concise summary/overview of Gilberts book (no more than 1 page or 25% of the paper);
provide a critical analysis of the book;
Required Source: The Last American Man Elizabeth Gilbert

parent hood

In this module, we discuss the challenges and rewards of parenting. One of the biggest issues for parents is a significant decrease in marital satisfaction after having children. Specifically, 82% of parents report that they feel less satisfied with their marriage since becoming parents.

Identify 2 areas that parents can focus on to maintain a strong relationship [5 points for Content rubric criteria]
Discuss why you think those two areas are essential to marital/relationship satisfaction [5 points for Content rubric criteria]
Provide 2 concrete solutions with support from your course reference and credible outside source [5 points for each specific suggestion/10 points for Content rubric criteria]. Avoid saying "date nights" as it is often a bandaid solution. Instead, dig deep into why date nights are needed and address the daily issues that increase the tension and dissatisfaction.
If you're not sure where to start, here are just a few of the many factors t

Big Business

This are the questions:

1. From a business standpoint, do you think businesses like Home Depot, Walmart, and Amazon help or hurt our economy?  Explain.

2. From a consumers standpoint, are these corporations good for your pocketbook?  Explain.

3. Is a company's implementation of loss leaders a good marketing approach.  Or, is it unethical?

4. Do you feel like the government should intervene when companies like these get too big?

5. As you may have noticed, Amazon continues to expand into many other new business areas such as healthcare, shipping, etc... What is their motivation to expand into some of these other businesses?

Ancient Staging Paper. Heracles by Euripides

Euripides' H eracles 140-235:
Staging and the Stage Iconography
of Heracles' Bow
David B. George
Please use this author as one of the references!!! Important.
and possibly 5 sources for 5 pages.
The paper has to be about Ancient staging of Heracles in ancient world.

Chinese Literature

After you finish the required reading, answer the following question briefly:
What is the similarity and the difference between the three female protagonists in the three works (the female student in "The Journey," Caitiao-the wife in "Intoxicated," and Miss Sophia in "The Diary of Miss Sophia")?

***All three articles are in the same file

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Proponents of small government such as the Heritage Foundation (e.g. see their recent proclamation that "U.S. Financial markets do not need a New Regulator (Links to an external site.)" and the American Enterprise Institute argue their points based on the basic principle that big government will more than likely get it wrong and do more damage than good. They argue that it is best to leave matters to individuals and firms who know their own demands and skill sets much better than government possibly can, and let the market system self-organize to achieve the best outcomes.

Critique this statement using complex systems science ideas. In your critique consider the following points:

1) Complex systems science and evidence from the Bali, New Guinea, and Systemic Risk in Financial Systems cases may support this claim. Complex systems solve problems well, but can be vulnerable to top-down interventions. Thus, the "big government" solution of the green revoluti

Discussion Topics

Please post from among these topics relating to this weeks materials and readings:

<> What newspaper(s) do you read on a regular basis? Do prefer the print or online version? Why?

<> Do you use newspapers as a source for advertisements and/or coupons? What kinds of products and services do you seek through newspaper ads, and how do those advertisements attract your attention?

<> What consumer and/or professional magazines do you subscribe to? How do they serve your needs and interests?

<> What sorts of advertisements are placed in the magazines you read? How do the magazine ads and content target its particular audience?

<> Which radio format(s) do you listen to most often? What kinds of advertisements are targeted at that particular audience?

<> Share any topics this week you may have found relevant to your work with cross-cultural global marketing challenges.

<> What news did you see this week
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