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Philosophy Writing 253, About Cixous book and response

read both documents that were uploaded, one is instructions on the whole assignment and the other one is the pdf version of the book so you can cite sources and provide evidence since this assignment is only %25 summary.

The response should be 2-3 pages
1.5 spacing and standard margins
NB: no more than 25% should be summary of the text
NB: explanation and elaboration are not summary!

Does philosophy bring something important in the studying program in cegep?

Hi, to understand the question, I live in Quebec, a province in Canada that has Cegep which is a pre-university formation for after high school student.
This philosophy course is mandatory for every pre-university program, so its like having a mandatory english course but it is philosophy. The real course is called philosophy and rationalism and we have three of these in total to take for the completion of our program since it is mandatory for every cegep student. And this work is to write  an argumentative text.

5 paragraph in total

1.An introduction
a) I have to bring the problem and introduce the subject

b)I have to say the stakes and show the two possible positions including morals and values that motivates each position.

c)I have to present the question and reformulate the question in my own words.

2.Analyzing the concepts
This paragraph is simply to definite the important concept in the QUESTION , in order to understand the questi

Aristotles Way by Edith Hall Book Review (Please Read Description before bidding)

Must have own copy or access to the book
Aristotles way by Edith hall

The Good Reviewer will represent the book (without lapsing into long-winded summaries) so the reader gets a sense of what the book is like whether the reviewer likes it or not. The good reviewer will also offer an interesting or revealing point of view from which the book can be perceived critically.

What is the task of a book review?  There are at least five kinds of book reviewer, but only one pursues the real goal.


Put page references inside parentheses as plain figures; put them inside final punctuation; use 'p.' only when it is part of the normal grammar of a sentence. So:
Blogg says on p.21 or Blogg says (21) ...  or ... as Blogg says (21), ...
Please use the reduced form for reference: e.g. 239-67 not 239-267, 235-9 not 235-39; but 112-17 - leave the 1 in for teens.
Indent quotations that are longer than three lines in your document.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please follow the instructions in the pdf i uploaded. Choose any of the essay prompts except psychology topic 3 because i already wrote a paper on that. Please use references that are accessible to everyone because if the teacher asks me for it i can provide them with the references. Also try not to use complex english my english isnt the best. 

Ethic movie review

God father
Project Overview
For this you will engage with a film that deliberates an ethical dilemma. This will
require you to consider the complexity of the films characters and the quandaries that
they face and require you to go beyond the movie, the characters, and the
circumstances as just pure entertainment. Your 2-3 page essay will be an
investigation, analysis, and evaluation of the ethical issues in a selected film.
      In watching a film, you are presented with ethical perspectives and you reach
ethical conclusions, condemning some characters and admiring others. Whether you
are sitting in an armchair at home or in the theater, you enter into the lives of the
characters in a film and, along with the characters, experience a particular set of moral
challenges. You consider the various ethical decisions made by characters and
examine the rationale behind their decisions. You also consider your own point of v

the prince

Please go through the Prince excerpt and define and explain the historical significance of the referenced people, places, and situations that Machiavelli describes and explain why he used them.

Cesare Borgia and his cruelty in Romagna.
Florentine people and Pistoia
Virgil and his saying that is in latin
Scipio's rebellian
Fabius Maximus
Locrians and the legate of Scipio

Platos Phaedrus: pages 476-499 (227a-253c)

Essay Question:
How does Platos Socrates show Phaedrus and us his readers how anyone can deliberate/inquire successfully about any subject given what he observes about the complex nature of the soul?  For as Plato has us observe, the souls complex nature is based in the fact that its two ruling and guiding principles can take three distinctive forms. These forms are temperance (sophrosyne), wantonness (hubris), and mantic, rational sanity (what Charles Griswold calls a derivative form of temperance). What are these three distinctive forms of the soul? Why is it that only the temperate form of the soul secures the souls essence of self-motion/movement and the task of successful deliberation? Whats more, what is it about innate desire that is central to this question of successful deliberation as seen from the perspective of these three forms of the soul? 

To have a sustained answer to the essay question, you will need to:   


All essays must reference at least one finding in the Intergovernmental Panel
on Climate Change (IPCC) summary for policy makers.
All essays must also discuss at least two readings from the relevant week.

Consult the Week Two and Week Five lecture recording for further details of
the assignment (word limit, bibliography, sexist language etc.).

1. Schwenkenbecher and Hiller offer different arguments for an individual
moral obligation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Which argument is
better and why?

Format: Please follow the format of my sample essay. I did not well on that one, only received a 74/100. Although I want this essay to have improvement on the grades, it is still the priority to make sure that its not suspicious of me getting this essay from somewhere. This essay requires 2000 words, not including cover page and citations. Also, please use American English.

Grader comments on my first essay: Good road-maping in the introduction p


Answer questions, each question will have around 100 words

1. In Unfinished Lecture on Liberation II, Davis uses The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass to give an account of how the racialized slave system in the 19th century United States structured the positions of both slaves and masters with respect to freedom, understood to be an essential property of human beings. 

Briefly explain Daviss account of both positions as it relates to the concrete possibilities and requirements for realizing and expressing this freedom in each case? How and on what level does each party find their freedom constrained?  What possibilities exist for the removal or overcoming of those constraints?

2. In Women and Capitalism, Davis argues that the oppression of women is a social and historical phenomenon which takes different forms depending on other factors conditioning the social form of human productive activity. 

Briefly explain how Davis views the dev

Morality of Eating Meat

.          This paper should be a philosophy paper but for some topics, factual and scientific information will be necessary. But focus on the ethical and conceptual dimensions and on the questions of public policy involved. (Always ask: What should we do concerning this issue and why? What are the philosophical, ethical, and conceptual questions which must be answered if this issue is to be resolved?)
2.          Tie your paper into the central themes of the course. The paper must show that it was written by someone who took this course. Someplace in your paper you should (probably) indicate how the various environmental ethics we have considered (e.g., anthropocentrism vs biocentrism, utilitarian vs deontological) bear on your topic. Which of these are you assuming (or rejecting) in your argument, if any, and why? In other words, what position(s) on the question of moral standing are you assuming (or rejecting) and what are your re
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