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Duration of the exam: 24 hours. Allowed materials: Any material. Part I: Theoretical questions
Please respond to both questions. Each question constitutes 33% of the grade. Your response to each of the questions should be no longer than 2 pages.
1. You are a trusted advisor to President Donald Trump, who just won his reelection campaign. As he seeks to strengthen his grip on power, the President asks you to advise him on how to restrict online political speech in the US. Please write a brief note that addresses the following aspects: (i) which tools did other governments use to restrict online political speech (please mention at least 2 examples)? (ii) how can the US government collaborate with private companies for this purpose (please mention at least 2 examples)? (iii) what is the effectiveness of each of these methods? (iv) what are their advantages and drawbacks?
2. You are a United States congresswoman. Discouraged by the non-transparent practices of President Trump and

How the theme of racism is in Between me and you by Coates

Coates crafted his book as a letter to his son. But laced throughout the memoir/letter is a provocative argument about the way race works in America. Your assignment for this essay is to choose one of the themes from the list below and to compose your essay focused on Coates views on how race intersects with your chosen theme: 1) what is his primary argument about the topic  2) what evidence, events, experiences or stories does he summon to support that point of view 3) to what extent to you find his treatment of the topic persuasive? As the writer of the essay, you are free to agree or disagree with the author.

Civil War and legacies of Slavery








California government

1.  Define public policy.

2. How is water a public policy issue in California? Be specific and use the information from your book to discuss the implications of water policy in our state.

Primary Post
Your primary post is your response to the questions provided. This post must:

Follow these guidelines.

React analytically, not a summary or just a personal example

Relate and apply topic to your own personal experience

Use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and complete sentences

Be posted before the deadline

Meet the 250-word minimum length

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Explain how Marbury v. Madison established the power of judicial review for the federal courts. Do you think this a necessary power for the courts to have? Why did the Supreme Court decide the case in the way that it did?
This essay need to answer this question.

Create a FAQ

Imagine that you work for a city/county/parish/state office that offers licensing for commercial emergency medical services (EMS) agencies. Develop a frequently asked question (FAQ) document consisting of 10 questions that someone who wants to be licensed in the state might ask. Be sure to include responses specific to any local, state, or federal regulations for commercial agencies that apply within your imagined city/county/parish/state. The requirements may be specific to one of those or a combination of all four. Also, be sure to include responses that paraphrase regulations related to personnel, agencies, and operations.

Your employer plans to use this on your office's website for consumers/potential applicants to use. You are encouraged to format the FAQ page in a creative way, but it should be readable and consistent throughout. The questions and responses must relate to licensing and safety requirements for EMS agencies. This assignment should consist of

The UK and the Republic of Ireland

The UK and the Republic of Ireland have much more centralized political systems than most Americans are accustomed.  Describe how these political systems have centralized their governmental systems (i.e., the Westminster system).  What are the advantages and disadvantages of this centralization?  Does centralization enhance the goal of liberal democracy (as defined by O'Neil)?

“Patriotism is the conviction that one’s country is superior to all other countries because one was born in it. ~ George Bernard Shaw

Locate and analyze a patriotism-building effort in the popular media. You may choose from the following: a television series or plotline (e.g., G.I. Joe, Army Wives, The West Wing), a film (Birth of a Nation, Rambo, James Bond, The Patriot), a comic book (e.g., Captain America, Captain Britain, Captain Canuck, Alpha Flight), or a novel or popular work of non-fiction (The Hunt for Red October, Gone with the Wind, The Real America: Messages from the Heart and Heartland, Pinheads and Patriots). Your choice need not be a work of American, Canadian, Australian, or British patriotism (though you will need to be familiar with the country of origin of the work if you focus on a foreign media product, e.g., The Valley of the Wolves).

The Vietnam War

Hey! This is a research paper on the Vietnam war. My prompt is:

Why did the French fight for as long as they did? How did they manage inevitable morale problems that most countries/armies face in war? Why did the Viet Minh fight for as long as they did? How did they deal with resource, logistical, and morale problems?

I will attach the relevant resources that you can use to make this easy for you!
- I attached my proposal so you can see what to talk about.
- I attached the directions given by the professor (in the end there is a list of sources you can use!!)
- I attached PowerPoint presentations given by the professor
- I attached links to course textbooks you can refer to:

Hastings downloadable link:

Hanoi's war:

I was going to attach the books in the materials but they were too big-so I linked you to the websites you can refer to

Korean War and Vietnam

"Discuss the differences between the two wars, the general perceptions of them, and how you may have learned about them prior to this lesson."

Please Write one page with a freestyle response to this question for assignment and the rest of the material

Korean War and Vietnam

"Discuss the differences between the two wars, the general perceptions of them, and how you may have learned about them prior to this lesson."

Please Write one page with a freestyle response to this question for assignment and the rest of the material
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