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Inclusive Education-TeamWork

Essay Guidelines:

As your introductory paragraph speak briefly about Teamwork What is

Teamwork? Follow this with another paragraph titled What is a Transdisciplinary

Team in an inclusive school setting?

In the Body of your essay, talk about, what you believe are the benefits, from an LSE

perspective, of working collaboratively with:

the childs parents,

the class/subject teacher,

the school SMT (or INCO) and,

if your student is presently getting support from another professional e.g. O.T., Sp&L

pathologist or any other.

Back your arguments by researched literature evidence.

In our concluding paragraph, which you will title Conclusion summarise your main

points and redirect it to your question.  Write your word count at the end of your

essay. (app. 1,500words)

Formatting:  Font style, Times New Roman, font size 12, one and a half or double line  spacing


Any topic (writer’s choice)

I need a research paper completed by I am a freshman in college and working as a nurse in NYC so I don'y have a lot of time to put towards writing this paper. I have attached the outline and resources needed. Please don't include the resource page as a part of the paper. I have a teenage daughter that lost her father 18 months ago and is currently having a hard time dealing with depression. That can be added to give the paper a " personal touch" If there is any additional information needed, please feel free to reach out to me. Please respond if you can honestly meet the deadline


    First, as you read in your textbook about the different disorders, identify one that you find interesting.  Make sure you are investigating an actual diagnosis.  For example, the word "pschopath" is commonly used, but it is not an actual diagnosis. 
    Next, write a about the disorder as if you are a mental health counselor describing an affected client. Your essay will have at least 3 parts:
        First, after you describe the diagnosis you chose to study, consult your textbook and/or the DSM V and describe the symptoms for your chosen disorder.  (Please do not use names of real people--please create a fictional person for this assignment.)
        Second, briefly explain what you think is contributing to the person's development of the diagnosis.  Is the diagnosis you are describing likely to have been inherited genetically, or is it likely that the person was exposed to some str

The Benefits of Virtual Reality in Exposure Therapy

You should cover why VR is well suited to the challenges of Exposure Therapy, preferably with reference to topics covered in the course. (this link is to all topics covered in class)

Paper should be 5 pages, single-spaced, size 12 font, not including references.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

For your Module 2 SLP, you are building on the PowerPoint presentation. The topic of Module 2 is Equal Protection, so you should integrate the legal material (laws, cases, etc.) from the background readings into your information about your chosen institution. Keep in mind that this information should be presented as information that your audience needs to know, so you should provide enough explanation/discussion (likely in the notes section) so that your audience understands how this information pertains to them.

The presentation must include the following slides:

2 slides about equity issues related to funding at your institution
2 slides about equity for students with disabilities at your institution
2 slides about desegregation/affirmative action at your institution (can be present day or historical)
2 slides about gender/race discrimination at your institution

SLP Assignment Expectations
All slides except the title slide and reference slide(s) shoul

article review

This week, you will select an article to review for your final assignment in the course, the Aritcle Review, which is due in Week Six. Each article represents a topic and area of psychology. See the attached PSY600 Article Review ListPreview the document to read the articles and make your choice.
In your paper, clearly identify your article selection. Analyze psychology as a science as it is presented in your chosen article and explain why you have decided to focus on this particular topic. Assess the professional roles presented in the chosen article and describe the interactions between psychology professionals and professionals in other fields, if any. Explain any psychological theoretical perspectives presented in the article and why they are of particular interest to you.

The paper:

Must be one to two double-spaced pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
Must include a

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Institutional Effectiveness Paper:

For this assignment, please write about death, dying and/or the grieving process as presented in chapter 17 and other sources (personal experience may be included as is comfortable for students). Using academic articles, at least one primary reference, carefully address the following topics:

Describe some of the stages of the developing person at different periods of the life span from birth to death in relationship to the death, dying and grieving process (a grieving child, teenager, adult, etc).
Discuss some of the social, political, economic, and cultural forces that affect the death, dying and grieving process (how do people react socially and economically to grief in another country?).
Identify some factors of responsible personal behavior with regard to issues of sexual activity, substance abuse, marriage / parenting, in relationship to the death, dying and grieving process (how does death and grief affect marriages or why do

Theme III & IV: Central Claims & Personal Reflections

Required Texts include Theme III & IV readings: Lewis, Yosso, Moll et al., Nieto & Lpez, Gaining Ground documentary, Manzo & Deeb-Sossa, & Love & Muhammad.

Use the following layout to write a 3-4 page paper response on the grouped readings. Use paragraphing and subtitles as needed. APA format including a title page, but no abstract is required. For this paper, focus on the first portion of "central claims." I have adjusted this paper slightly to reduce your workload a little since you will also be working on the Policy Project. Additionally, no peer reviews are due for this paper.

What are the authors central claims (these should be stated in a sentence or two for each assigned text)?
After you state each authors claim, provide evidence that supports this as the central claim (share 1-2 strong and relevant pieces of evidence, such as examples, quotes, explanations from the author).
Please use bold to highlight central claim and evidence as I used

Adolescent Suicide

Write a research paper on a topic of in the area of Adolescent Suicide . The goal of this assignment is for you to evaluate the relevant topics, trends and developments presented in current research. In your paper discuss how your topic relates to theories discussed in class and research in adolescent development. Your research and paper should enhance your understanding and knowledge base about adolescent psychology within the context of your selected topic. Students should have at least three (3) references for this 5 to 7 page, double spaced paper - (not including title and reference pages), link: Only use valid peer reviewed research articles. Wikipedia is NOT a valid research site.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

please contact me if you have any questions.

The Psychology Behind How We Learn Something New

Use APA format to include: one-inch margins, a cover sheet (include the title, your name, the name of your instructor, date the paper is due, and class information), references page (include all resources obtained and used for this assignment), and body of the essay (4-5 pages in length) for a total of 6-7 pages.  You should use subtitles to structure the flow of your paper.

In your final essay, address the following:


Describe what you decided to change or learn during your 30-Day Challenge. Describe in detail your single-overarching goal and three activities engaged in during the challenge. Did your goal change over time?  In this section, describe the challenge you set
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