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These are the steps for submitting your 10 abstracts assignment due this week. If you are using the library resources at Fayetteville State University, you will be able to obtain all the articles you need for your approved research project. The abstracts you would be submitting for evaluation would have to be obtained from the journals and databases link from the library.

If one were to assume that you are interested in searching the Academic Search Complete databases, you would

1. Click that link, and type in your search terms for the articles on your selected research topic.

2. After the computer has pooled all the articles related to your topic, these will be presented on a fresh page with the titles, a short summary of what is in the articles, and a link for the actual article in text and PDF. You are only to use articles from the year 2000 and newer.

3. Your task is to read each of these titles, and if they address your specific researc

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Read the information in Appendix A (especially p. 323) of your textbook for information about writing the introduction to your research proposal before you begin this assignment.

******** Also, under this module, PLEASE watch the YouTube video labeled "WRITING THE LIT REVIEW" on writing an integrative literature review by Dr. Lilia Sevillano before beginning this assignment. You will find this video in the General Resources for Research Proposal Assignment folder. This video is crucial in writing a good introduction for your proposal. *********

Begin the paragraph with indentation. The review is an integrative discussion of the literature on the topic. Your approach should contain these elements:

1. Identify current statistics that highlight the importance of the issue you hope to address with your research. A simple search with Google can give you some research reports that highlight the necessary statistics to illustrate the problem.

2. Follow up with an


*Introduce a psychological disorder that is of interest to you: Depression

*Discuss the biological, psychological, and/or social relevance of examining this disorder.

*Provide a brief overview of the clinical attributes of this disorder.

*Provide a brief overview of the points that you will address in your presentation.

*Explain the strengths and limitations of the clinical assessments designed to evaluate the disorder.

*Discuss challenges related to reliability and validity in the assessment of the disorder.

*Explain the concept of diagnosis by exclusion, using the selected disorder as an example.

*Articulate how assessments contribute to diagnosis by exclusion.

*Explain the relationship between the publication process of the DSM, the contribution of research in Explain the strengths and limitations of various therapeutic approaches designed to treat the disorder mental health, and the practice of clinicians.

*Discuss the

Social Psychology

answer all of the following questions as completely as possible, Your answer to each of the following questions should be 250 to 500 words (with a typical font and spacing this will be 1 to 2 double-spaced pages). So your entire assignment, including all four questions, will total 1000 to 2000 words. You may also use outside resources, but be sure to document all such sources using APA style.

1. Discuss the topic of social cognition and in particular the role of heuristics in the way we process information. Briefly describe two different heuristics and give examples of how and when they might be used as well as problems connected with their use.

2. Discuss schemas: their effects, how they are activated, the perseverance effect, and their tendency to become self-fulfilling.

3. Fully explain the difference between automatic processing and controlled processing of information and provide an example of each.

4.  Discuss the phenomena of persuasi

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Read the scenario provided below and incorporate the six pillars of character as you address a possible solution.


Mr. Y is in his first 90 days of employment in his district as a middle school math teacher. He has made friends with many staff members and invited them to visit his social media page. On his page, Mr. Y shares quite a bit of personal information. One of his colleagues visited the page and became very concerned because there were some photographs of Mr. Y at parties where party-goers were smoking marijuana.

The colleague notified the principal of this information.

Consider the following questions and provide your responses in a 2 3 page APA formatted paper.

What possible issues/concerns might this scenario raise?
In this situation, what are some potential negative consequences for the teacher, for the students and the school community?
Which of the Six Pillars of Character do you believe Mr. Y has violated on his social m


We will focus on some of the ethical issues brought up in the Ted talks we watched last week for this discussion post. First, look through the summaries that some of the other students wrote about the talks. Identify at least three ethical issues from different videos or the research they discuss. Describe each of the three ethical issues to begin your post. Then, focus on one of these issues and discuss how we might alter our research methods to solve this ethical issue.

curriculum unit

Good Day,

Attached is the curriculum unit that you previously completed. The curriculum unit only has five lessons. Can you create 4 more lessons because I have to have a
minimum of 5 lessons for the curriculum unit?

In this module, you will FINALIZE the work of designing Part II of your interdisciplinary  Curriculum Unit. You will focus on the design of both formative and summative assessments to measure mastery of the unit concepts.

As a reminder, the Learning Experiences (lessons) should include strategies to meet an identified need and improve student performance at your assigned school or district site. They should reflect your understanding of the educational needs of a diverse student population. The Learning Experiences should include opportunities to integrate technology with instruction and provide activities that promote critical thinking skills.

Phonics and early reading hypothetical case study

The question
Introduction: Include the purpose of your case study and the context, why
Background to the case study. Draw on literature read
Your Approach or Method(s) used: observations and
Evaluating your observations, telling your narrative or story in a holistic way
Giving a clear picture about the process
to include citations
Grading 2:1

i am uploading the first part of this assessment which i done select a case study question based on this

business content

These theoretical concepts allow an understanding of what is the right path in terms of a balance between moral and just obligations of a business operating in a community. These theories of justice allow setting up a benchmark, which then serves as a guideline for businesses to practice corporate governance as effectively as possible. Critics argue that these theories are not set in stone, in terms of application across multiple business domains but provide an understanding, based on empirical research allowing a clear path to follow (Johnson, 2007). Once modified to a firms business model, its operations and the community where it operates, these theories serve as an invaluable asset towards the implementation of corporate governance by a business.

Course Extensions

Read about the policy or procedure and explain it fully, describing it in your own words rather than merely copying what is in the original document. Be sure you use the rubric to help you complete the assignment successfully.

After completing your explanation of the policy, add 150 to 200 words (one to two paragraphs) indicating how the embedded rubric helped you to focus and improve your assignment.

In your assignment you should:

Explain the policy/procedure completely and accurately.
Describe the policy in your own words rather than copying the description on the website.
Provide at least one example of a situation that might bring a student into contact with the policy.
Check to make sure your description is well organized and clearly written, with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
Indicate how using the rubric helped you to focus and improve your assignment.
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