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Philosphy 1 1/2 Page Essay

ss, we saw Star Trek: The Next Generation Justice, High Noon, and A Man for All Seasons. In each of these dramas, the main character faces a moral dilemma. Synopses of these dramas are attached to this test.Using 1 to 2 typed, double-spacedpages answer any ONE of the following essay questions.

A.)Should Captain Picard let the Edo execute Wesley Crusher or not? Why, or why not? B.)Should Marshall Will Kane leave town or have a show down with Frank Miller?Why?C.)Should Sir Thomas More swear to King Henry VIIIs oath or not? Why, or whynot?Be sure to defend your answer with a CAREFUL ARGUMENT, relying on one or more of the moral traditions we examined in class. It is NOT enough merely to state your opinion, no matter how heart-felt it may be.N. B.:Do NOT be overly influenced by the decisions the characters made in the dramas. Make and defend your own decisions


Watch the 5 minute clip: ""

Then write a 1 -2 double spaced, response paper that answers following:

  1. Write 1 paragraph that summarizes the main idea and tips given in the video.  
  2. Explain how you will implement the tips/advice explained in the video into your speech performance.
  3. What tip(s) would you give another public speaking student about the topic.

Article Critique 1

This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin.


Two 3-5 paged article critique is due during the term.  The paper must be a critique of a published empirical study. Specific details are included later in the syllabus .  Students will be randomly assigned due dates for the critique. 

Empirical Article Critique (3-5 pages)

Empirical Article critiques are graded in accordance to the requirements listed below.  The critique must include the following things:

1.              The content of the critique must contain the following sections:

a.     summary of the article (this is your summary, not the abstract from the article). Summary should discuss purpose of paper, hypothesis, methods (participants, instruments), & results (this is approximately 1 - 2 pages)

b.     Ho


Imagine you have a son or daughter who is about to enter adolescence. Because you will soon be leaving on a journey that will prevent you from having contact with your children for the next 10 years, this will be your last opportunity to help your children deal with the changes they will experience during puberty and adolescence. You are to write a letter to a son and a daughter before you leave on your journey. The letter should be worded so that it can be understood by the children and so that it will give him and her a positive attitude toward the changes to be experienced. You are to emphasize the physical changes that take place during puberty and any other "words of wisdom" that you feel are important as they embark on their journey toward adulthood. You may address the letter to your son or daughter.  This is a subjective report and should not be SHORTER than two typed pages. 

Responding Back To Two Different Discussions.

 This is a discussion responding to two different students


Bereavement Counseling 

The response to death varies between culture, current attitudes, and personal beliefs (Wong et al., 2015). The commonality results in that grievance of demise and death itself is inevitable. Faith and spirituality provide a belief in a higher power and life after decease. The utilization of faith and spirituality as a therapeutic approach during the process of dying furnishes the perception of personal significance and satisfaction in existence (Wong et al., 2015). Bereavement counseling is a type of therapy that helps individuals cope with grief.  A popular approach that can be used within clinical setting for helping a person going through the grief cycle is Kbler-Ross model. The five stages of grief include: denial, anger, bargaining with a higher power, depression, and finally acceptance (Wong et al., 2015). The stage

Culturel Anthropology

In the concluding article of the textbook, authors Lambin and Fagin discuss a series of choices and difficult decisions confronting humanity with regards to living sustainable lives, characterized by well being for all. This involves examining cultural values, beliefs, and behaviors. How might these choices and decisions intersect with the concepts of communitas and collective consciousness, discussed earlier in the chapter? Can we use those concepts to help inform our understanding of the choices confronting us, and to guide our decision-making process in moving toward the future?

Discussion Week 4

Group DevelopmentWk 4 - Group Influence [due 


Due Thursday 

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Locate an article in the that describes the stages of group development. Then, describe the model of group development, providing an example of how a member of a group member can impede or accelerate the growth of the group at one of the stages. For this discussion, you can use a committee, a task group, or a club as an example.

Short Essay For Discussion Board

Think about how certain aspects of identity (age, race, gender, sexuality, class, etc) are defined, understood, and ranked in American society. Taking as many examples as you can from the chapter and films, what are some ways we might improve upon the system we have now, in terms of those categories? What are some of the values, beliefs, or practices you learned about in this unit (e.g. Native American tribes, hunter-gatherers, the Nuer, the Musuo) that might be useful in creating a better (or, "ideal") society?



Create a 6-8 slide power point that includes the following:

  • Describe the differences between pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics.
  • Describe an example of pharmacodynamics.
  • Describe an example of pharmacokinetics.

Include a minimum of two sources.

Format your references consistent with APA guidelines.

Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography consists of summaries of research articles. Research articles include a review of the literature what is already known about a specific topic. You should be closing in on your topic for the research proposals. This assignment is helping you find this information. What is the research question you are answering with your proposals?

Some topics from previous courses: 

  • The relationship between social media and unhealthy eating habits
  • The relationship between the attractiveness of politicians and their electoral success
  • Growing up with parents who have addictions and the likelihood of future addiction in kids

The annotated bibliography will help you find, and begin to review, articles for your research proposals. You need to find at least 5 research articles.

Here is a quick link to a discussion on the literature reviews: 

I made this video for another class,

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