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Plato, The Republic, trans. Desmond Lee: 130-156, 240-248
Armstrong. 372-387

Once again, please base your answers on the actual reading assignment and do
not draw on summaries such as Spark Notes, Cliff Notes, Wikipedia, or similar

Please answer the five questions below. For each answer you should write a
paragraph of 4-8 sentences. (You can write more if you wish.)

1 How is the quality of self-discipline different from wisdom and courage in a

2 What is justice in the city-state, according to Socrates (speaking for
Plato)? Do you agree with his concept of justice? Why or why not?

3 What is justice in the individual? Do you agree with Plato?s idea of what a
just person is? Why or why not? What are some things a just person would not
do? Why not?

4 Do you believe that there is an exact parallel between a just person and a
just state or society? Why or why not?<


I have to respond to someone else's response to these questions:

1) In the United States today, which have the greater voice and the greater impact, Conservative or Liberal Christians?

2) What new insight did you get from the material on the Book of Revelation?

3) What is the best insight about Christianity that you got from this class?

Their responses:
1) I think that both Conservative and Liberal Christians have equal power of voice and impact but in different ways. Conservative Christians are known for being very traditional. Their beliefs and views are held close to them and they are able to spread their traditional values through their offsprings. They share their beliefs to the public of what God tells them is right and wrong, and it can have an influence on the government (e.g whether abortions should be legal or not). Liberal Christians, however, don't follow the traditional values of a Conservative Christian. But they still follow the word of G

hink of contemporary examples when scientific facts are altered or denied for a personal, commercial or political gain. How does the movie resonate with the event of today?

The camerlengo is the most complex character in Angels and Demons. He says and religion are not enemies. There are simply some things that science is too young to understand, so the church pleads to stop, slow down, think, wait,........ The movie exemplifies how religious leaders of the past attempted to prevent the acceptance  of scientific discoveries and how public opinion was manipulated to preserve the dominance and power of the church. Think of contemporary examples when scientific facts are altered or denied for a personal, commercial or political gain. How does the movie resonate with the event of today? Express your thinking by writing an essay (4-5 pages). Prepare your essay in MS word and the following should be observed:
Font: times new Roman
Size: 12
Line spacing: 1.5
Write in your own words, not plagiarize.

Common Leadership Styles Paper

Many organizations and groups have put in the work to discover basic leadership styles. As leaders, its important to understand these styles so that we can work well with those in leadership and lead well ourselves. This assignment is designed to help you begin to understand the various styles of leadership.

Research various high quality online sites (4-5) to discover what leadership styles are and the common styles shared by most people. Most organizations that study these styles have 5-6 different styles, although they use different names, to describe leaders. By comparing and contrasting, students should summarize the 5-6 basic styles of leadership. Reference Book:  The Jesus Hearted Woman by Jodi Detrick

Write a 3-4 page paper describing the 5-6 basic leadership styles. Ensure the following points are addressed:
Give clear characteristics of each style, noting the different names used to describe the same style by different organizations. For example, for one

Religion Essay

Pick only ONE question...Either ONE or TWO
Citations must ONLY come from the book provided.

1)Compare and contrast two of the following Abrahamic religions.

2)Compare and contrast two of the following religious traditions.

Critical Thinking Essay – Athanasius

Make an argument supported with reasons and evidence while considering substantive counter-arguments. I recommend Athanasius, but you can do the Critical Thinking Essay over any of the texts listed below. You can even use two of them to support your arguments.

Critical Thinking Essays should also be clear, accurate, and properly formatted. Please use some consistent citation format of your choice (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.).

Definition for Critical Thinking Critical Thinking is a process by which one evaluates a variety of evidence, information, and ideas that challenge one to question their and others' assumptions and support a conclusion.


Explanation of issues: Student identifies and summarizes the problems or questions at issue.

Position: Student identifies and presents their own research-based perspective and position as it is important to the analysis of the issue (perspective, thesis, hypothesis) .

Counter-Position: Identifies and

Biblical Leadership N.T. THEME

TEXTBOOK: Forrest, Ben K. & Chet Roden (Eds.). Biblical Leadership. Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel, 2017.

FROM THE TEXTBOOK: The 14 chapters dedicated to the N.T. provide a concise summary of 3 major themes per testament.  Summarize each theme but more importantly provide an analysis identifying the reasons why each theme is especially important to you or to our generation in regards to practicing Godly leadership no matter the context of one's vocation or location.

5-page reports pertaining to the major leadership themes stemming from the Forrest/Roden textbook reading assignments.
paper must contain:
a title page, 1-page introduction, 3-page summary analyses of major leadership themes, and a 1-page conclusion and bibliography/reference page. 

The report must be in the Turabian style


Here are the worship/sermons you are to listen to for your reflection papers. Use the notes I gave you to compare and contrast. Particularly ask yourself:

Is the theology used from above (rational white concepts) or from below (lived experiences)?

Is it liberation oriented or maintain the status quo

Inclusive or exclusive

Christocentric or theocentric

Call and response or monological

LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE SERMONS. If you piece meal this assignment you will miss something very important. This is your final so give me your best work. The reflection papers are to be 1-1 pages in length.

The Crossing A Church Located in Columbia, MO :

The Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, When Fear Trumps Faith,:

The New Religion of Scientology

Watch an episode of Believer by Dr. Reza Aslan, a best-selling author and student of religion.
Cite the episode , lines or quotes

The New Religion of Scientology The New Religion of Scientology _TV Series " Believers " / Reza Aslan (S1.E4)

1pages. Summarize the episode. How does Reza Aslan present this religious tradition? How is the show constructed? What are its basic parts?

1 pages. How does Reza Aslan come across as a guide to a new religious tradition? What kind of narrator is he? What kind of lessons does he learn during the episode?

2 pages. Do you think Reza Aslan is a fair judge of this faith tradition? Why or why not? After watching this show, do you think it is possible for any outsider to judge another persons faith tradition?

Faith and Beliefs

Theology 201: Faith, Beliefs and Traditions
General Requirements for Reflection Papers #1 & #2

The goal of each paper is two-fold: 1) to examine and integrate material from the course into your own personal understanding of the topics being covered, and 2) to reflect critically on your own experience and understanding of a given topic.

Your paper must examine a specific and concrete topic from the syllabus/classes that has been covered or completed prior to paper due date.  It is your responsibility to choose the topic for each reflection paper from the topics covered on/in the syllabus/classes through the time that the paper is due.  Reflection papers are not a Jesus loves me this I know exercise, a time to express warm and fuzzies about how great your faith is, or a time to rant about some non-related religious issue.  You can rant and be as warm and fuzzy as you want to as long as you have specifically and methodologically examin
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