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Social Stratification

Your paper should examine a social issue of your interest. You should also use some of the theoretical perspectives that we have studied in class: you can use one or more concepts or ideas to help you analyze the issue. You could also consider any other social, political, or economic forces that contribute to or influence this matter.

Your paper should be 5-7 pages, double-spaced and contain the following sections:
Introduction-1 page
Literature Review- A brief overview of the main sources that you use to analyze the issue-1 page
Analysis- 2-4 pages
Conclusions-1 page

Privatization of prison

Drawing Privatization of prisons discuss in more depth the arguments for and against privatization of prisons 

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- Arguments for
- and a critical analysis 

Class readings

(Pg. 1-8 howver, more of the reading is relevant)^^

Other relevant articles (outside sources):

mental health

Provide an overview of the social problem/issue you have identified.
Review the practice knowledge, planned change process, and level(s) of dimensions that inform you of the systems that influence the individual and/or family in the problem you are addressing. Please note that dimensions can overlap, so it is important to identify this and how they overlap concerning the problem you are presenting and the practice skills that are needed to address each of the systems of micro, mezzo, and macro practice.
Explain how the problem can be addressed within the social welfare system and explain which social welfare system would be most helpful.
Conclude by indicating how you as a future Master Social Worker would advocate on behalf of the family or individual (e.g., what would you advocate for, what dimension (level of practice) would you advocate at (micro, mezzo, or macro), and what your advocacy would entail).
Support your assignment with at least five scholarly resources. I

Family Relations

1. What are some of the problems associated with Single-parent families and discuss the various ways that the single-parent families cope with their problems?
2. What are some of the challenges that children of single-parents face?
3. Identify the difficulties the interracial families in America have and they ways in which they cope with their problems.

4. Human beings are often considered social creatures. As social creatures, we all need intimacy. Please discuss what is meant by the following terms:
Describe what do we mean by the term loneliness?
What is the meaning of loneliness?
Please describe the differences between social loneliness and emotional loneliness.
What are the sources of loneliness?
What are the consequences of loneliness?

Describe a national hero or heroine from Germany

Answers must be in your own words. Answers that reuse text from the textbook or the internet constitute plagiarism and will not receive any points.


1.Describe a national hero or heroine from the country, someone who is famous or admired for things they did in or for their country. This should be one nicely written paragraph with a picture (see examples at the end of the homework). Cite at least three sources in MLA format that discuss the person (you dont want to say someone is famous just because theyre listed as so on a single website, right?). Include a photo, and make sure to credit the URL where the photo came from. (This question is worth 40 pts, so put some work into it).

This can be a political figure, a scientist, philosopher, activist, or artist (literature, art, music, literature, activist, etc.). Someone admired today for their accomplishments or personal qualities. No sports figures

Any topic (writer’s choice)

In particular, identify (1) at least one empirical question youd like to pursue in graduate school and the theoretical and methodological tools best suited to answer it and (2) your ultimate career goal (i.e. what you would like to do, professionally, upon completion of the graduate program.).

empirical questionsthose that can be answered by real experience in the real world

My empirical question is Medical Sociology and same is ultimate career goal:

the existence and (re)production of physical and mental health disparities by socioeconomic status/social class, race-ethnicity, immigrant status, sex and gender, sexual identity, and social capital
stigma regarding health behaviors, diagnoses, and disease conditions
health effects of neighborhood and local community social conditions
health and non-health policy impacts on the health of populations and vulnerable subgroups
health implications of discrimination and other stressors faced by marginalized

Application of the Problem-Solving Model and Theoretical Orientation to a Case Study

The problem-solving model was first laid out by Helen Perlman. Her seminal 1957 book, Social Casework: A Problem-Solving Process, described the problem-solving model and the 4Ps. Since then, other scholars and practitioners have expanded the problem-solving model and problem-solving therapy. At the heart of problem-solving model and problem-solving therapy is helping clients identify the problem and the goal, generating options, evaluating the options, and then implementing the plan.

Because models are blueprints and are not necessarily theories, it is common to use a model and then identify a theory to drive the conceptualization of the clients problem, assessment, and interventions. Take, for example, the article by Westefeld and Heckman-Stone (2003). Note how the authors use a problem-solving model as the blueprint in identifying the steps when working with clients who have experienced sexual assault. On top of the problem-solving model, the authors employed crisis theory, as

Diversity Paper

Diversity Paper: Each student will write at least a 4-page APA written paper regarding beginning level
competency in the following areas:
1.) Consider how the present-day cultures structures and values may oppress, marginalize,
alienate, or create or enhance privilege and power. How might this help and/or hinder a
persons ability to feel comfortable in a group therapy setting. Please use examples.
2.) Using contemporary examples to explain how difference(s) impact(s) the life experiences of
3.) How can you learn from (not learn about) those who are different from you?
4.) Be self-reflective and consider your own biases and values when working with diverse groups.
Discuss these candidly in this section of the paper. Discuss what you have done (if you have
done anything) to help eliminate the influences of these biases and values as well as what you
plan to do.
5.) This paper is to be written in APA format with a title and reference page.

How does an avatar represent an individual?

"Write an essay (with introduction and conclusion) on the suggested topic.
Your introduction should include the thesis statement - main idea of the paper (here is more detailed explanation - Don't include any new information in the conclusion. It should  restate the thesis statement of the paper.
Support your ideas with relevant arguments and examples (in-text citations). List 2-3 sources in the references. Make sure you stick to a required formatting style. Get benefits of these sources and
MLA format -"

Clinical vs. Actuarial Judgment

There is debate around using clinical judgment and actuarial judgment (i.e. use of standardized, normed, measurement tools vs. clinical observation/interview) when assessing and diagnosing clients.  Using the attached articles, answer the questions: What are the key points of this debate?  Is one better than the other? Are both necessary? Why or why not?  What are the pros and cons of each assessment approach?

Select 2 metathoughts from Levys Tools of Critical Thinking, that you find particularly relevant to helping you consider this debate and explain how these tools help you to reason through your thoughts on this issue.  In constructing your answer please make sure that you clearly and thoroughly explain how each metathought applies to this debate while using examples from the assigned readings to illustrate your point. 
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