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Java PriorityQueue & Nodes

I need two assignments done. (Instructions are uploaded as a photo)
First assignment must be submitted with a few screenshots of the program.
The second one must have at least one screenshot of the output submitted.

The 1st assignment must be submitted by 7/4 the second you will have until 7/11.


Modify the existing HTML code so that it uses an external CSS file instead of inline CSS.

Start by creating a file called calendar.css and use the <link> tag in the header of calendar.html to link it to that page.

Then create CSS rules in calendar.css based on the style attributes of the HTML elements in calendar.html. Group the rules together based on elements class attributes and/or HTML element types, keeping the exact same styling rules.

When you are finished putting the CSS rules in calendar.css, delete the style attributes for all HTML elements in calendar.html and it should look the same.

Computer Networks Assignment 1

General instructions

This tutor-marked assignment (TMA) should be done after you have completed your study of Unit 1 and Unit 2. Your assignment must be written in MS-WORD or HTML format and, in either case, it must begin with a cover page containing the course number and title, assignment number, your name and your student id, as well as the time you spent on the assignment. The file containing the cover page must be named TMA1.doc or TMA1.htm. If you have more than one file for the assignment, those files and all other files should be accessible through the file containing the cover page, either directly or indirectly through hyperlinks.

Organization of your assignment files
You need to create a root directory or folder named comp347 somewhere on the file system of your computer, and keep all your work related to the course under that directory; for this assignment you need to create a subdirectory or subfolder named tma1 and put all the necessary files for the assig

The reasons that the United States entered the Great War (World War I).

This content discussion looks at some of the challenges that the United States faced upon entering the Great War (World War I) and the consequences of that war on the home front during the war, as well as the postwar period.

Select one (only one!) topic from the below and write a response to the prompt by the initial post due date.

Based on at least two primary sources and your readings (course readings and links), explain the reasons that the United States entered the Great War (World War I).
Based on at least two primary sources and your readings (course readings and links), describe the Red Scare of the 1920s and its causes. Could something like this occur again? Why or why not?
Based on at least two primary sources and your readings (course readings and links), summarize the rise of consumerism in the 1920s and determine its consequences for the period. Make sure to keep your perspective in the 1920s!
Read through the primary sourc

Array Searches and Sorts

Submit    the    zipped    Eclipse    project including    at    least, and   
Countries1.csv.        The    zip    file    should    be    named    <your    last    name> (for    example,        The    Countries1.csv    file    contains    information    about    all    155 countries    (and   
regions) in    the    world.        We    shall  &nb

Geometry modelling

I will send the films Watch all films and make all models, save files in SLDPRT and PDF3D format.Make model of  wrench (missing quiz III - attachment).Create models presented in the attachments.Make assembly 1,2,3,4,5.
I request the expert to help me to finish this tasks as soon as possible. If any questions please message or if you need my phone number as well as whatsapp too please ask.

IFSM Research paper

A complete description of the research paper requirements can be seen by clicking on the "Research Paper" in the Assignments tab on the top blue navigation bar. You will download the attached requirements file. The second file ("Using the References tool...") provides additional help on including citations and references in your paper. However, there is a great list of resources found under the Content/Course Resources/Writing Resources link in this classroom. Of particular note is the file titled "APA Requirements for IFSM Courses." There are also citation examples, a sample paper. and help with grammar, etc.

Excel project 3


This final project puts together the functions you used in preceding projects and has you present the data in a PowerPoint presentation. So you will be completing both an Excel spreadsheet and a separate PowerPoint presentation for submission. Please make sure to look at the attached files that contain all the information, and further instructions for this project

malware forensics

I need the lab 2 word document completed by july 11th 8pm eastern time. there is a small disucssion question , I need done by next week too. but for now just the word document. I will send you and attach the additional files need to finish the lab 2 document.

Python Two-way Authentication

The point of this assignment is to create a two-way authentication system using python. It should use twilio to send messages to the user for authentication. It also needs a GUI made with the python module Tkinter. All other specifics will be in the attached proposal document and any solution should try to stick to the proposal as close as possible. All instructions on what is exactly needed will also be attached.
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