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Develop a primer of a disaster agent, e.g., hurricane, tornado, terroristic attack, etc. Information should be provided that yields the following:


Explaining the nature (natural science) of this agent (how does a hurricane form, etc.);
How the nature of the agent impacts individuals and communities (vulnerability);
An assessment of where in the U.S. the agent is most likely to occur (or most frequently occurs);
An example of a disastrous event
How individuals should prepare and respond to this agent;
How communities should prepare to mitigate against and respond to the hazard.

All of these questions must correlate to the 2011 SUPER OUTBREAK

The above articles y

Diversity and empowerment in the workplace

Positional paper is to be a minimum of 5 complete pages in length.  The positional paper should include an APA title page, an abstract, and an APA reference page.  The APA title page, abstract, and APA reference page DO NOT count towards the minimum page requirement!  Body of work needs to be a minimum of 5 complete pages in length.  This paper is to be written in long essay format (introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion).

Use minimum of 5 sources from which you are required to use a minimum of 3 scholarly/peer-reviewed sources.

Extra Resource (use if can):

The Importance of Role Models for URM to succeed in Technology Related Fields

I am providing peer-reviewed sources. Please use all of those and do in-text citations.
Source #1 *peer reviewed
Citation: Deen Lango. (2019). How African Women in Tech are Changing the Narrative. Women             of Color Magazine, 19(1), 16.
Use: Talks about some current role models for URM Women in the tech fields.

Source #2 *peer reviewed
Citation: Sax, L. J., Blaney, J. M., Lehman, K. J., Rodriguez, S. L., George, K. L., & Zavala, C.             (2018). Sense of Belonging in Computing: The Role of Introductory Courses for             Women and Underrepresented Minority Students. Social Sciences (2076-0760),             7(8), 122.
Use: importance

Service customer profile

You will select a high-involvement, or/and high-contact service such as financial services, professional service, knowledge services (e.g. education, training), or healthcare services that you are familiar with or interested in. Then, you need to develop a customer profile of the service of your choice. In the service customer profile, you will identify who are your target customers (e.g. age group, education level, cultural background, family size, lifestyle etc.) and their preferences and behaviours related to the service. This service customer profile should be a clear and vivid portrait of potential customers that describes who are the customers and their needs and wants. The service customer profile includes strong evidence from research and demonstrates an excellent understanding of the customers underlying motivation and behaviour patterns related to their particular needs and wants.


This module has introduced you to terrorist tactics and targeting. Recommend you read Maos book and the Al Qaeda manual. These two sources along with many others available for free on the internet invite persons and groups to imitate, motivate, plan, and act in accordance with their motivations. Understanding this capability and resource, this SLP will be historical in intent. The student will research one of the key domestic terror events or identified person who was charged with the perpetuation of the event. And then answer the basic questions outlined in this module.

Select one of the following events/person: the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Unabomber, the Centennial Olympic Park Bombing, 2001 Anthrax Attacks, or the Fort Hood Attack.


Explain the following:

What was the target/s?
Why was it selected?
What tactics were used?
What tools were used?
What were the expectations?
What were the outcomes o


Assignment Overview
The issue of homegrown terrorism and the recruitment and radicalization of local nationals to fight for others causes is major topic throughout the world. Supposed foreign fighters have fought for the current al Qaeda throughout the world. This is well documented on their information web sites and used as propaganda tools for financing, recruitment, and establishment of their credibility. Many of these recruits return to their homeland and perpetuate attacks against the establishment there.

Cilluffo, Cozzens, and Ranstorp (2010) outline potential problems areas associated with the trend of western nationals going into troubled areas and becoming radicalized. Read this paper and using it with the many sources contained within, answer the following questions:

What tools and techniques do terrorist recruiters use to attract, interact with, and evaluate recruits?
Based on your research, how vulnerable does the U.S and Western Europe rem

ANAT Signature Assignment

Lecture Signature Assignment: Case Study
Address each question listed in the Signature Assignment document as it relates to the case study given.

>Read through the case study in the Signature Assignment document below.
>Answer each question (16) using complete sentences and a minimum of five (5) academic references.
>Use APA format in-text citations in your answers.
>Include a reference page in APA format.

The SWOT Analysis Paper

*In approximately 250 words, Describe the companys history, products, and major competitor

*Assess the financial performance and condition of the organization.

*Next, conduct a SWOT analysis using the SWOT Analysis Template. Detail the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that may affect the organization. Copy and paste the completed table from the template into your SWOT analysis paper.

*In the evaluation portion of your paper of your SWOT analysis:
Describe the specific areas that indicate a need for change.
Determine what changed objectives, or newly implemented interventions, are required   
to improve the companys position within its market.
Assess the trending performance of the company and provide recommendations for improvement.


Early Reading Intervention for Children with Down syndrome

This study is aimed to determine the relationship between the intervention (independent variable) with letter sounds, phonological awareness, and target words (dependent variable).

5 students were chosen for this research. After inclusion, they started their intervention. The baseline is using RTC intervention. The students who showed an increment in 2 out of 3 skills, will go to the treatment phase. The student who showed stable results for three consecutive days was also allowed to join the treatment phase. For treatment phase, the activities were adapted according to their behavioral phenotype.

For Chapter 4 (Results), I did not know how to present my statistical data, because I'm not good in SPSS. I do not know the suitable test to be carried out.

2 pages research about child abuse problem and social work paper

do research, using textbook Introduction to social work: An advocacy-based profession (2nd ed) and write a paper, and answer all these questions. No introduction and conclusion needed.
I. Impact of a Social Worker on child abuse problem in the U.S
A. Why would a social worker be helpful in addressing this problem of child abuse and neglect?
B. What kinds of skills or knowledge would the social worker need to effectively work in child abuse and neglect?
C. What kinds of values would the social worker need to have to be effective in working in child abuse and neglect?
D. What kind of ethical dilemmas might the social worker face in their job?
IV. Connection to Class and Your Personal Reaction
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