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Museum project

Museum Project Description
Each student will create a Museum Project on a work of art from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. To select your work of art, visit their website:

Once on their website, click on Open Access Artworks. Then go to the drop-down menu on the far right: Department. You must choose one of the following for your project:

1) Egyptian Art

2) Greek and Roman Art

3) Ancient Near Eastern Art

For help - look back at my Lectures. Remember, we looked at Ancient Near Eastern Art in Module 2, Ancient Egyptian Art in Module 3, Ancient Greek Art in Modules 5 and 6 and Ancient Roman Art in Modules 8 and 9.

You may choose any application to create your presentation, but it must be in the format of a slide show and saved as a .ppt or .pptx file. Your presentation must include both images and bullet points to explain your artwork. Your project must include at least 800 words (not including the title
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