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Technical Case Study

Framing + Foundation Plans

Using the plans from your assigned case study (CASE STUDY 3.0), independently develop a specific framing system as per the clients
requests (refer to the corresponding plans)

Using principals discussed in the class lectures as well as individual independent research, you will prepare the following:

1. Foundation plan
2. Second Floor and roof framing plans

Include the following information on your drawings/sheets:

1. Foundation plan (to be consistent with case study plans provided (3/32 = 1-0):
a. Grid lines (located along outside face of foundation wall)
b. Dimensions (starting from grid lines)
c. North arrow
d. Drawing Title and Scale
e. Annotate column locations
NOTE: Foundation walls(if required) shall be min. 8 thick

2. Floor and roof framing plans (3/32 = 1-0):
f. Grid lines
g. Overall dimensions (starting from grid lines)
h. North arrow
i. Show direction of joists
j. Label
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