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legal issues and news media

Prompt: The organization RSF (Reporters Without Borders) has petitioned the United Nations
to establish a global watchdog to curb disinformation and fake news. They are proposing the
establishment of an independent multi-stakeholder organization like ICANN.
You have been asked to present a legal analysis of the potential rulings of such an organization
in the United States, and whether the work of such an organization would be useful in
highlighting fake news and disinformation campaigns as an aid to civil organizations or as a
foundation for treaty obligations.
Your answer should draw on the material provided in the Final: Disinformation - A Global
Challenge folder (including the relevant work of your classmates) in the content section of our
course blackboard. Your paper should provide the following:
An introduction, clearly stating the importance to society of the general issue, the central focus
of your legal analysis, and your conclusion.
A fu

Black Power, Cultural Nationalism and White Backlash

Below is the paper you wrote for me, but I need another page added to this one. Same concept and everything. If you could stay on track with what you have already written.

The Black Power movement had similar objectives to that of the civil rights. Both entities wanted America to recognize all races as equal without discriminatory practices against minorities such as African Americans. Unlike the tolerant civil rights movement leaders, black power pioneers believed in a vicious and impatient approach. black power movement successfully pressurized the society to respect racial equality because they popularized the idealism of black supremacy through confrontational strategies.
Revolutionaries such as Stokely Carmichael agitated for nationalism or separatism as long as Africans would acquire their rightful liberty. Most of the black power adherents argued that the black community would not live in a free society as long as white privilege was the norm (Ogbar 2018, 36).[

Public policy

Fact sheet
This topic of this assignment is purposefully open ended, as are most such assignments in the world. You need to pick a relatively small slice of a social problem; for example, a big slice would be childcare, a smaller slice might be the impact of raising the wages childcare providers. Note that while much of our reading focuses on the United States, your final project (or midterm for that matter) does not need to be about American social policy. 

You will then craft a professional, concise, and informative advocacy-oriented two-page policy brief (one-pager if printed double-sided) on your selected topic. The final product should be easy to read and eye-catching. It could include some combination of charts, graphs, bulleted points, side bars, or other images to help the reader get all the information they need in a concise format. An insanely busy person should be able to understand its point at a glance and understand how this

Dawn of the New Millennium and the Election of Barack Obama Discussion Topic

The period from the 1980s on saw great gains in black political power, but inequality, particularly income inequality, remains great as does the overall sub-standard situation of many African Americans. Racism is frowned upon, but unfortunately is still a part of American life. There is a rising black middle class (many of whom were financially devastated by the Great Recession), while at the same time an increasing number of young black children have no fathers or are being raised by grandparents. Almost one third of young black men are incarcerated. Something is radically wrong with this picture.

Many Americans had hoped that the election of our nations first black President, and with him the appointment of high federal officials, would help the situation, but that does not seem to be the case.

This question is to be answered with no fewer than three (3) outside resources.

1. Discuss your thoughts on the issues mentioned above as well as any others that you belie


My primary source:

I have already written the first draft and get feedback from the TA. I will upload my paper with feedback notes and guidelines for this project. This order is only the Primary Source Analysis part of the whole project, but please read all of the guidelines because it is a whole project. I will place another order about the Annotated Timeline part which due next week. Thank you.

TA feedback:
William Wells Brown is a great person to focus on this paper. But you have some serious revisions you need to make to this paper so that it fits the parameters of the assignment. Right now this reads more like a report on why William Wells Brown is an important person. That is not the point of this essay. You want to pick a specific piece of writing that Brown wrote, and then analyze it. You bring up many in this essay, and you bring up a variety of things you could analyze. Pick one!
One example, at the bottom of

Critical Evaluation of Research Article

Prepare a four-page doctoral quality Word document, not including the title page and reference section, double-spaced critical evaluation of:

Pelfrey Sr, W.V., & Kelley Jr, W.D. (2013). Homeland security education: A way forward. Homeland Security Affairs, 9(1), 1-12. Critical Evaluation of Research Article

Please see attached file.
All work must be doctoral quality

1. Identify and discuss the main ideas of the article;

2. Discuss the research methodology and findings; and

3. Analyze the articles strengths and weaknesses.
Additional help preparing the assignment may be found using the research article checklist on page 73 of the text.
All submissions, discussion boards, and papers must be formatted using the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) 17th edition.

If a women grows up in an environment of domestic violence, How will it affect their future success and relationships.

should use 5-6 sources and be 5-6 pages (double-spaced) in length. Remember that your lit. review is an academic paper and as such should include a title, an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, multiple body paragraphs with strong topic sentences, and a conclusion, summary of
argument, summary of feminist methodology used, relevancy to
your topic, what makes source reputable.. Putting their arguments in conversation with one another.

Thesis:  Women who witnessed domestic violence in childhood are supposed to face difficulties in achieving success in the professional area and building healthy relationships.


the world today is often called “postmodern” meaning after or beyond the subjects which made the world modern. what were/are those values and has the world moved beyond them? was there a conflict or conflicts whether cultural political etc which chall

Cite four Relevant sources in Chicago style format (use footnotes not parenthetical citations), one maybe from your textbook, one maybe from your primary source reader, at least two citations must be from outside scholarly sources primary sources. Journals academic works etc. These sources are readily available from the library a good guideline for scholarly sources is if they are published by a university press right on the following prompt using the paper guidelines in the source syllabus

paper format requirements 3 to 4 pages in length double spaced Ariel 12 point font 1 inch margins justified alignment minimum of four course material sources bibliography not counted in page count of all sources used in paper attached at the end Chicago format for citations footnotes and bibliography submitted in .dooc or .docx format

The world today is often called the “postmodern” meaning after or beyond the subjects which made the world modern. What were/are those values, and has the world moved beyond them? Was there a conflict or conflicts-whether cultural, political, scholarly in

Cite four realavant sources in Chicago style format (use footnotes, not parenthetical citations!) , One may be from your textbook, one may be from your primary source reader. At least two citations must be from outside scholarly sources (primary sources, peer-reviewed journals, academic works, etc) These sources is if they are published by University press. Write on the following prompt using the paper guidelines in the course syllabus:. 

Terms papers : papers are evaluated based on your ability to clearly communicate (spelling,Grammer, syntax,etc. DOES count) your understanding of the course content, reinforced with correctly formatted citations of pertinent reading from the course materials which reinforces your argument. Outside sources are(welcome and required) as long as they are published by a peer review, scholary source or are verifiable primary sources from the period in question.

Format 3-4 pages in length, double spaced  Arial 12 point font, 1 inch

The world today is often considered “postmodern” what we some of the values that made the world postmodern? Has the world moved beyond them? Was there a conflict of conflicts -whether cultural, political, or scholarly etc

3-4 pages double space, Arial 12 point font, 1 inch margins, justified alignment, minimum of 4 course material sources, bibliography not counted in the page count if all sources used in paper attached at the end, Chicago format for citations, footnotes, and bibliography, submitted via canvas in .doc or .docx format
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