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Why it is critical to view Canada as a settler-colonial state?

Why it is critical to view Canada as a settler-colonial state?

You must use a minimum of 4 readings, two of the class reading should be used.

Class readings
Wolfe, Patrick. Settler colonialism and the elimination of the native.
Journal of Genocide Research 8, no.4 (2006): 387-409

Chapter 4 Wood, Ellen M. Empire of Capital. London: Verso Press, 2003.

Does the Colonial Exist? Memmi, Albert. The Colonizer and the Colonized.
London: Souvenir Press, 1974

Ancient Greek Civilization (Greco Persian wars)

Your analysis papers will analyze a specific topic in Greek or Roman history directly relevant to the time periods covered in this course and how this particular topic shaped that civilization. You will support that analysis with the inclusion of primary sources from these time periods that offer evidence about the past, as well as secondary sources about the event. These papers are not opinion papers and should not contain your opinion on the events. They should contain your analysis of the topic using a variety of sources to provide appropriate perspective on the context of that topic as well as the objectivity of your analysis. Your paper will also include a works cited section with a mix of at least three primary and secondary sources.  While your analysis will not directly answer all these questions separately, you will need to include a brief discussion where you provide an analysis of your resources and your research approach (research methodology). In addition, the picture

Reflection Paper 1

You will read numerous texts throughout your journey in this course. This can often become just another task amidst everything else in your life. The desire is for you to practically connect your readings to your specific field of chaplaincy (HOSPITAL CHAPLAINCY). You will reflect upon your readings each week and discuss your thoughts in relationship to their descriptive nature (ministry definition) and the prescriptive nature (ministry application).
You will write a reflection of your weekly reading that is divided into two sections: Description (ministry definition) and Prescription (ministry application).
    Minimum of 400 words
    Turabian Format

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the TurnItIn plagiarism tool.


1. Crick, Robert. Outside the Gates: The Need for, Theology, History, and Practice of Chaplai

Any topic (writer’s choice)

It is postulated [assumed] that no writing happens in a vacuum. Writing is produced in reaction to present/past life experience or past reading experience [back catalogue]. Discuss this postulate in-depth and support your discussions with illustrative examples.
Your answers must be direct, grammatically correct, coherent, and precise.

The Message of the Text Essay

Once you have read through the "Message of the Text" handout, compose and submit a two-page essay covering the message of Zepheniah.  You will need to pull from some outside scholarship for this, no fewer than four sources and be sure to use footnote citations.  Please be sure to include a title page as well as a Works Cited page.

Zepheniah is a book in the the Old Testament bible.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Read the "Procedure for Historical (Situational) Reconstruction" (especially note the 5 elements which need to be addressed), read the "Sample Reconstruction," the "Philemon" Handout (by Fee & Stuart) as well as the other "Philemon" Handout (Eerdman's Handbook of the Bible)." Once these have been read, compose and submit a two-page Reconstruction essay on the book of Philemon.  Incorporate some scholarship into your work and use footnote citations.  Please be sure to include a title page as well as a Works Cited page. 

Any topic (writer’s choice)

You will choose two military conflicts (large or small, declared or undeclared) (from the list attached below as a PDF and should be mentioned in the attached readings as well)  in which the United States has been engaged and answer a series of questions about that conflict. You will make an argument about whether it was a constitutionally legitimate use of force.

1. Make an argument (in one paragraph) about what enables a constitutionally, legally, politically legitimate use of force in the American Constitutional System. (You may consider moral or ethical arguments, but they must be answered in addition to the legal/political/constitutional question).

2. Choose TWO incidents in which the federal government of the United States has used force against foreign citizens or nations. Find one case that exemplifies the way you think the system should work, and one case that exemplifies the way you think the system should not work. (The PDF below should be used to find t

Drug Patent Protection Legal Mechanism in the EU

It's just one part of my thesis and the contents of this part are as follows:

III. Drug Patent Protection Legal Mechanism in the EU
    A. Supplementary Protection Certificate
    B. Test Data Protection system
    C. Bolar Exemption
    D. Temporary Injunction

So, the above is just a general structure, when you writing this part, you should add some detailed items into the general contents.

American Imperialism Essay during Post Civil War America (1877 to 2016)

Assignment Topic:
American Imperialism Essay during Post Civil War America (1877 to 2016)

Assignment Directions:
Discuss the American Imperialism ideology after in Post Civil War America.
What affects did imperialism have on:
1. The United States politically and economically
2. American society as a whole
3. Other countries where the United States government intervened to maintain that
4. Nation's peace and their national sovereignty.
Discuss any acts, laws, congressional measures, conflicts, and consequences that influenced, altered, and changed the United States views on imperialism in Post-Civil War America.

2 pages (Introduction, 2 body paragraphs, Conclusion)

- Introduction Paragraph
Here you want to write an introduction paragraph detailing what is going to be discussed in the essay.
No footnotes needed in this section.
The last sentence in this section must be your thesis statement.

- Body Pa

the 16th amendment

Find the purpose of the amendment, why the amendment was put into place, important court cases involving the Amendment, any limitations to the right or policy, a current event article that relates to the amendment, why the amendment is still relevant to todays society
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